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************ WARNING: *****************************
Don't read further if controversial subjects bother you. Personally, I do NOT want to write it, but one of the most powerful SW stations on earth is at risk because of it. I'll tread as lightly as possible while stating a case which needs to be public IMO.


Allan Weiner,

Please consult a de-programmer for religious cults. You appear to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I don't know RG Stair, but you evidently are a member of his cult whether intentional or not. RG Stair has apparently taken advantage of your love of the freedom of speech. Most leaders of religious cults mean well, but pervert the Gospel through a mixture of old and new testaments. Once indoctrinated into a religious cult, the only permanent means of exiting it is by a thorough knowledge of the closed canon. The closed canon MUST be thoroughly and carefully read in order to combat a perverse interpretation. I'm familiar with religious cults so my initial advice is to seek a de-programmer for religious cults and start reading the most accurate translation of the Protestant canon today. Don't delay as time only makes exiting such cults increasingly difficult. You'll wrongly think you're betraying God by leaving such a cult, but as long as you stay in the Word by reading it, life will be much happier and simpler as a result. I wish you the best, Allan, and I hope to hear sound religious programming on WBCQ one day via DRM. First, you must know what the latter is and cults take advantage of ignorance through misguided preaching. The need for preaching ended with the closed canon, but the need for reading the canon took its place.

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