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I know it doesn't help yet, but Julian probably needs to include the missing QT5 plugins with each release of DReaM.

"All Qt GUI applications require a plugin that implements the Qt Platform Abstraction (QPA) layer in Qt 5. For Windows, the name of the platform plugin is qwindows.dll. This file must be located within a specific subdirectory (by default, platforms) under your distribution directory. Alternatively, it is possible to adjust the search path Qt uses to find its plugins, as described below.

Your application may also depend on one or more Qt plugins, such as the print support plugin, the JPEG image format plugin or a SQL driver plugin. Be sure to distribute any Qt plugins that you need with your application. Similar to the platform plugin, each type of plugin must be located within a specific subdirectory (such as printsupport, imageformats or sqldrivers) within your distribution directory."

Source for the aforementioned quotation:

This second link contains a synopsis of the process of configuring QT5 on a specific installation, but it still needs all of the missing plugins for QT5, e.g. qwindows.dll.

" Another thing that isn't very well documented in Qt5.

There are two solutions:

1. Create a file named "qt.conf". Put this in the same directory as your executable. Put this in it:


Then, create a directory called "plugins" in the shared plugins location, and a subdirectory "platforms" inside that. From your Qt distribution, find this same directory, and copy the file "qwindows.dll" from that directory into your own platforms directory.

In this case, your installation looks like:

- YourApp.exe
- any needed Qt DLLs
- qt.conf

- /plugins
- /platforms

2. You can create the /plugins/platforms directory as a sub-directory of your application install directory, and put the dll there.

In this case, your installation will look like this:

- YourApp.exe
- any needed Qt DLLs
- /plugins
- qwindows.dll

Hope this helps. "


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