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Now the real "fun" begins ...

After listening to the constant commercial breaks in some shortwave broadcasts, I've decided to rant a bit about the subject. For example, the Powerhour on the Genesis Communication Network (GCN) has nearly constant commercial breaks which is aggravating over an extended period, e.g. 30 minutes. Although the host announces the upcoming breaks, it's still annoying to mute or retune every 5 minutes or so.

Here's a suggestion for these broadcasters. Limit commercial breaks to a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes per hour, e.g. five 3-minute breaks per hour. If a broadcaster can't fund their production by limiting commercials to 15 minutes per hour, then seek additional funding mechanisms or stop broadcasting altogether. You're currently annoying listeners to death. Here's another suggestion... Use some of your resources (are you listening, Alex Jones?), to fund the manufacture of multimedia DRM radios and encourage GCN or WWCR to install DRM transmitters for their capability of transmitting advertising data concomitantly with the audio which should mitigate the aforementioned problem.

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