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Originally Posted by mvs sarma
I have been debating on this issue, since long.

the tendered items are not for sale and they are for use by staff of the broadcaster for monitoring purposes.

if one could receive a normal transmission by say 1$ radio, (at least news etc would be reasonably heard) why would some one spend 150 $ inclusive of customs and other duties?

I am sure any manufacturer will make the receivers widely available, you would think anyway. I can't see the Indian government stopping the manufacturer from selling these on the open market.

As you say though, if you can receive a normal transmission for less money you will do it that way....the most cost effective way.

All India Radio puts an excellent signal into Europe on AM Shortwave and on DRM but if I am out and about in the wilderness, I would take my trusty Tecsun PL-310 before I would lug a much as I love DRM.
Make a small, cost & power efficient DRM portable and you have a winner.

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