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Devil's advocate begins

I suppose this was inevitable as there are barely any purchased DRM receivers out there.
The CEO is obviously not a radio guy otherwise he would see the terrain issues FM/VHF has and what DRM/Shortwave can overcome, MW has it's own problems.
If there were loads of DRM receivers in the 'wild', so to speak, there would not be an issue, but a fantastic digital technology with no digital can kind of see where the guy is coming from.
The other fact is most of India's rural population could not afford a DRM receiver at the current price (even I had to think twice about buying my DR111 when I had it!). I would hazard a guess that 70%+ of the population in India probably has, or has access to an FM/MW receiver in their village, how many have DRM receivers?
State funded/subsidised DRM receivers at knock down prices to flood the market in India prior to the roll out of DRM would have been the best move in my book and if DRM did not take off for whatever reason, they all still have Shortwave, FM & MW to fall back to on their DRM receivers.

Devil's advocate ends

What has happened to the DRM Receiver Tender?
Are there any other DRM receivers in production? if there are, will these now not end up being expensive FW/MW receivers nobody wants to buy except the DRM enthusiasts?

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