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Originally Posted by Owdjim
Looking back at my logs, 2003 was the year of DRM ;-)

Cheers, Chris

The broadcasters were there, but the mature technology (xHE-AAC) and listeners weren't evidently. Personally, I'd like to see a comparative survey of people knowing about DRM around 2004 and those people knowing about DRM today (2014). Honestly, I don't expect much difference so the DRM Consortium has likely failed in the aspect of publicity. Although some major broadcasters have reduced their presence on shortwave and closed facilities, 2014 is looking to be different in a number of ways, the xHE-AAC codec and disillusionment with the InterNet (spying, etc). Personally, I can't wait to stop paying for access to buffering servers which then ban the IP address of my proxy servers. I'm too cheap anyway. We'll see as 2014 progresses.

I should have been clearer, though.

I agree totally with need for more intelligent transmission parameters.

Your logs are very interesting as they generally tell a story of poor configuration and too little power. It's amazing to look at the number of incomplete broadcasts due to inadequate selection of frequencies for the season of the targeted area and adjacent frequencies, inappropriate bit-rates for type of content, and common usage of 64 QAM for the MSC. RNW had the right idea, but even their configuration suffered unnecessarily. RNW's broadcast from Bonaire improved toward October (southern spring) on 15400 kHz... I loved the comment about Marconi on the Nov. 16, 2003 broadcast from RNW on 15255 kHz ... Great stuff, Chris!

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