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Originally Posted by mvs sarma
2 amp converters from china could be Switch mode types.
As you know, we need Linear ones for lower noise etc even as you try to use radio while charging.

Yes, but switching power supplies can be made to emit less EMI with some additional circuitry and cost.

My low cost, ~$12, DC(12v)/DC(5v) converter arrived today. I just soldered a couple of connectors on the cable and attached it to my 12v linear power supply. The resulting SNR from the DR111 powered by this DC/DC converter seems to be similar to the standard AC/DC power adapter supplied with the DR111. Thus far, I have no complaints as this DC/DC converter emits significantly less noise than a typical 5v USB charger. This particular DC/DC converter is made by Fulree and has a peak capacity of 3A. I may eventually buy a variable output linear power supply at some point in the future.

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