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Best wishes, Ian.

I've heard rumors that Newstar's DR111 isn't selling well. IMO, CDNSE would be CRAZY to stop selling the DR111A as the main problem was shipping the DR111 a bit early instead of waiting on xHE-AAC. CDNSE just needs to modify their current unit a bit, e.g. enlarge the current hole in the case for the display to include a 3rd line and modify the video display generator to output four smaller lines of text instead of the current larger lines. * Enable a compatibility mode with the DR111/DR111A using just two lines for the display. Update their current unit to decode xHE-AAC, and try again. Furthermore, sell a modified motherboard to enable current users to upgrade their hardware themselves for ~ $50 or so. I'd probably buy another complete unit from CDNSE if it were so modified in addition to upgrading my current DR111. Heck, they could even modify it enough to satisfy the requirements of AIR for a prototype receiver. CDNSE, your current DR111 is a pretty darn good receiver. Just modify it some...

* Maybe, enable graphics capability as well

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