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Originally Posted by F1BJB
The main risk with broadcasting is jamming not confiscating receivers.
Here the Net comes to the rescue :-)

True, as long as receivers aren't using a hybrid technology like RadioDNS.

Originally Posted by F1BJB
It's hard to jam all the recordings that appears instantly here.
Have you tried ?:
IMHO a nice example of modern age radio although it doesn't do DRM yet :-)

Firefox 18 just hangs on the aforementioned website's script. My version of Firefox uses Gnash instead of Adobe's plug-in for flash content and java is a buggy mess since Oracle gained control of Sun Microsystems ... I'm unsure of the actual cause of Firefox's freeze since the script doesn't complete.

Anyway, I'm rapidly tiring of buffering and banned proxy servers on the InterNet. Give me ole' time radio with a new twist, DRM30 and Diveemo (low frame rate video on DRM30) since I can't have DRM+ evidently. Will Diveemo ever be standardized, I wonder?

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