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DRM trial on Sottens by amateur radio


Recently the Sottens 600kW AM Mediumwave transmitter has been phased out in Switzerland and a local amateur radio club has been able to get the right to use the huge antenna (188m) for a month for amateur radio transmission (More info and antenna pictures on )

There will be DRM transmission trial done by amateur radio on this transmitter using Spark software, a USRP and amateur radio linear amplifier.

We will use the narrowest band so 4.5kHz and high robustness to transmit slides.

So if you are interested, you are more than welcome to try to receive our signal and send us back reception report.

The tests will happen on the 2 next Sunday, on 13th February 2011 and 20th
February with 15 minutes periods on the following times (same for both sundays):
- 20h-20h15 CET (19h-19h15 UTC) TX on 7.180 MHz
- 21h-21h15 CET (20h-20h15 UTC) on 3.780 MHz

UPDATE: TODAY 20th Feb, We will transmit at the same times but during 30 minutes periods. Just after the transmission is finished we will be ready for QSO (conversation) for reports on the same frequency in SSB.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome.


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