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I was hearing the WINB 13755 kHz DRM signal a little while ago, at 1445 UTC Friday 8 Mar 2019. I got nowhere near 100% audio and it's just as well since it is the fax-machine sounds being broadcast, presumably the "Slow Scan Radio" mentioned above. (Uhh, not that I am a fan of the ordinary broadcasts of WINB. . .)

I can't imagine DRM being any good for this sort of double-digital thing since the bits and pieces that come through the audio decoding would not have much potential for being decoded visually or textually. At close distance, the use of DRM for double-digital may be very good, better than AM, perhaps, since all visual noise should be eliminated. But I am about 1500 km away and at medium distances like that there is drop-out in the first-order digital signal (the DRM audio), so I imagine the losses are always pretty high for the second-order digital stuff. AM would do a better job.

Before 1445 I was receiving about 15% audio. In the fifteen minutes since 1445, reception has dropped considerably, with zero decoding and MER rates of 0 to 5 dB.

I am in downtown St. John's, Newfoundland. I'm using both my MR27024 + 8m wire outside and my Avion DR1401 + Sony AN-LP1 indoor loop aimed SW.
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