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Video ports, e.g. HDMI, should be a standard component on digital radios as well as COMPACT IR remote controls on desktop units. When I'm working on various tasks, I don't want to have to stop and twiddle knobs or walk to a radio with a small screen to read data. An HDMI port will allow me to connect a micro projector. Although radio on VHF, HF, and MW bands will probably always remain a primarily audible experience, I can definitely foresee visual data increasing its share of that experience. Hence, designers and manufacturers need to prepare now. Radio data is primarily an attachment to an old analog paradigm. Purely digital technologies like HD, DRM, and DAB haven't been properly deployed since their inception. Again, the old analog paradigm has been replaced so stop thinking within the boundaries of its mental cage.

User-friendly digital radio is flexible and anonymous which are the main reasons for my continued involvement with DRM.

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