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I received my analog AM stereo transmitter, ASMAX-1, recently from ASPiSYS in Greece. DRM on the MW band will be pressed hard to achieve such quality. On a high quality receiver, e.g. Meduci MW-2, the sound from the ASMAX-1 is awesome, except for one thing, hum. I'm sure that I can solve the problem with hum eventually. I'm continuing testing.

However, except for the quality of the sound (mainly useful for musical sources), the overall experience for a listener is significantly better with the DRMAX-1 transmitter or DRM on the MW band. DRM is just too flexible, solves significant problems with receiving analog broadcasts, and is potentially much simpler to deploy for the listener even on the MW band. On shortwave, the disparity between DRM and analog is even greater. I write from experience. I do confess, however, that AM stereo can blow one's mind with quality WHEN interference is eliminated and a quality receiver is used.

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