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Originally Posted by F1BJB
A tip I use is that I listen on a TV set fed by HDMI and there is an equaliser
in the TV set .
And no headphone connector

Although not as flexible, your method is much operationally simpler than my current method involving several pieces of software. Your method is in keeping with the spirit of this thread and I recommend it. Few potential listeners to broadcasts on shortwave will adopt a method as complex as mine. If only broadcasters would use robust configurations of DRM on shortwave and thereby remove such temptation. DRM solves very important problems with analog shortwave.

Good suggestion!

In the following link, none of the software is calibrated as I was merely demonstrating the complexity of listening to analog shortwave with sufficient fidelity. If you look closely, you'll notice that I should have swapped the I/Q in DReaM. I used DReaM for the noise reduction. I used Jamin' for the equalization. I used Quisk for the tuning. The developers of Quisk need to remove the requirement to install Pulseaudio. I literally stripped the Pulseaudio code from the source so it would compile on Slackware. In DReaM, I selected the cleanest sideband to increase clarity since the 10 kHz signal was weak and low in volume. The results were very good, but complicated. In all honesty, I wouldn't listen to analog shortwave for any length of time if DReaM hadn't included the Speex noise reduction.

Can the maximum file size for attached images be slightly increased please? 100 kB is too low for modern displays. A maximum of 150 kB would be much better.

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