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A significant number of broadcasters suggest that most media will eventually be streamed on demand from users. Personally, I think the future of broadcasting isn't nearly so clear. Ubiquitous, illegal spying will play a significant role in limiting the appeal of duplex communication. Notice how governments promote projects such as "Big Whoop" which smacks of former fascist tactics that employed Brownshirts to snoop for the regime in power. Simplex communication will continue to provide users some privacy amidst such technological abuse. Media viewed on demand will affect video more than audio anyway.

In the frenzied pace of today's world, the influence of websites like the Drudge Report demonstrate the power of brief and current sources of information. A broadcast via radio which utilizes DRM can effectively duplicate the format of the Drudge Report. Global24 should take notes. Although broadcasts via radio in the future will eventually become more specific and briefer than historical broadcasts, simplex radio is just too robust and private to succumb to sources of media delivered on demand and therefore susceptible to ubiquitous spying. The future for simplex digital radio as delivered both domestically and internationally is bright indeed. As I've stated previously, the main problem with the adoption of DRM lies squarely with the unimaginative thinking and poor configuration of broadcasts by broadcasters, not the standards.

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