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As an aid in de-hamifying DRM, let's specify the overall cost to the SWL for listening to digital broadcasts. Most potential listeners won't object to paying ~ $200 (current value and exchange) total for the necessary equipment to receive digital broadcasts on the shortwave bands. Erecting artificially high standards for reception will continue to relegate DRM to a limited group of people, e.g. licensed "hams". Although we're not quite to the point of reducing the total financial outlay to $200 for listening to digital broadcasts on the shortwave bands, it's a reasonable and attainable goal in my opinion. When the total financial outlay to the SWL is ~ $200 for the necessary equipment and broadcasters start using robust configurations employing a MSC of 16 QAM or the power levels are increased to 60% of analog for digital broadcasts on the shortwave bands, then and only then will the potential of digital broadcasts be realized on the shortwave bands. Thankfully, DRM now has a sufficient codec in xHE-AAC and a few broadcasters like VOR, Vatican, and VON are employing sane configurations to fully realize the potential of DRM on shortwave. Given the current limitations on power, I'm convinced that more digital broadcasters on the shortwave bands will soon follow the leads of the aforementioned broadcasters.

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