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I never said 50kW was not enough power to satisfactorily receive DRM, it was a value based on the reception of a very limited number of DRM stations in a consumer environment using a whip antenna (not the best antenna in the world, but one used on nearly every portable radio and probably the only antenna used by a non-enthusiast consumer).
Maybe living in the northern latitudes is not the best place to be, I am sure tests further south would be more fruitful


Originally Posted by DRM-OM
A former staff member of the frequency management of a big broadcaster once told me that if there is a minimum field strength for undesturbed conditions you have to add an overhead of >20dB (which translates to a factor of 100 in power) to cope with atmospheric conditions like flares and fading etc. to ensure a reliability of 98% or above - "that's a minimum, otherwise people will switch off"
If these days 50kW is not enough for satisfactory reception - noone will ever run up to 5MW DRM on shortwave!!!

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