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Re: Coordinates

Originally posted by Digger
Both cause the "Invalid Coordinates" error message in DRMCalc.

My DRMCalc Folder is a folder in the folder DRM, where Dream is. Somehow I cannot locate the problem. Could you help me out?

As far as I understand it, DRMcalc now takes the information from Dream's log file. If the Dream.ini contains the coordinates, the logfile will also contain them and DRMcalc can then make use of them. This is the way initially intended for logs from the DRMSW.
A long time ago, Dream could not yet write this data into its logfile, so Carsten solved this problem in such a way that the coordinates could be put into DRMcalc's configuration data. Since Dream can also store the coordinates in the logfile for a long time now, there is no real reason anymore to use that method.

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