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Hi Hans,

A sincere welcome to the DRMRX Forums!

Congratulations on your reception of Radio Kuwait with the Gospell GR-216. Did you have full decoding for the entire 3 hour transmission period?

The best way to participate and share reception reports is with Terje's DRM Log Plotter which is found at:

Unlike analog transmissions, DRM reception is difficult to provide an informative reception report, as the signal is either there with great audio, or not there with silence. This means, for example, that someone might tune in a DRM station for a couple of minutes with good decoding and then tune away thinking that the reception is excellent and report it as such. However conditions might change a minute later and for the rest of the transmission the signal may be silence for the rest of the hour, unbeknownst to that listener!

So for meaningful reports the DRM Log Plotter, using DRM's built-in signal information, provides a clear picture of the received transmission at a particular location. These are the logs that most of us upload.

Terje is always here using his board handle "digger".

I hope all of that is helpful,

-Zyg- AF4MP
3402' N, 8424' W

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