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Digger 28-01-2019 10:10

Nice audio from RM&G. Merci!

MARCEL 28-01-2019 11:55

Hallo Terje,

Kein problem war sehr gut hier, aber du bist Ja weit weck in Japan.

Grüss zu dir.

G4TMV 28-01-2019 20:24


Originally Posted by drmdab
I wonder if this actually could be the first (public) DRM transmission from Uzbekistan ever?! :D

I think it probably was, I've never heard of any from there before. Spaceline in Bulgaria have done a few, but I don't think any of the other relay services have.

It would be interesting to know just which countries do have DRM capable transmitters.

drmdab 29-01-2019 21:05


Originally Posted by G4TMV
I think it probably was, I've never heard of any from there before.

In the meantime, I found this. So it seems like it just was the first official DRM transmission from Uzbekistan. :D

drmdab 20-02-2019 20:06

And another DRM transmission next Sunday:

Radio. Menschen & Geschichten ( = Radio. People & Stories) will be on air...

0900-1000 UTC online live streaming www.radiomenschenundgeschichten.de

1800-1900 UTC in AM on 5830 kHz and
1930-2030 UTC in DRM on 5830 kHz

G4TMV 22-02-2019 13:58

Thanks a lot for the info, hopefully I will have better luck with receiving it this time.

G4TMV 24-02-2019 18:48

1 Attachment(s)
No problems hearing it here this time, a lovely big signal here with 22.0db SNR and nice clear audio.

AlexDRM 24-02-2019 19:18

Very good reception of Radio. Menschen und Geschichten on 5830 kHz!

DRM label = Radio Uzbekistan ;)


G4TMV 24-02-2019 19:30

A very good signal most of the way through, averaging 20 - 22db SNR up to the last 15 minutes, when the signal strength started to drop a bit and was around 16db SNR by the end. I did get a few momentary drop outs then, but I wasn't noticing any changes on the receiver's carrier strength, so possibly some local QRM may have been causing this. The audio sounded very nice though, which is not always the case with some DRM stations! :-)

mitajohn 24-02-2019 19:50

2 Attachment(s)
A result for 26mins. Mediocre RF signal, but low SNR, as a result too much dropouts. Good audio, up to ~10kHz, when decoded. 61.9% CDA / 19.4dB max SNR.

(On the first plot are included: the screen-shot of the Label as well as the DRM mode)

DRM Hdn 24-02-2019 19:52

Radio, Menschen & Geschichten in DRM 27th January 2019
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A very good reception result this evening! Thanks to all makers for this 1h top DRM Radio enjoyment.

MARCEL 25-02-2019 19:51

Yes very good reception SNR 28 to 29 db audio 100 % :


G4TMV 03-04-2019 15:39

Hi All,

Alan Pennington just relayed the following info via the bdxc-news mailing list, one to look out for:

"It is planned to air a DRM Test tonite from Armenia on 7595 kHz at 1700-1800 UTC.

(Christian Milling - Shortwave Service - on WRTH - World Radio TV Handbook Facebook 3-April)"

This may not be the right section for it, but if I make it a new post it probably won't get out to enough members in time, and it's probably for RMG

G4TMV 03-04-2019 17:03

It's a good signal here and showing 'Noratus' on the ID panel, but the audio sounds a bit overdriven.

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