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DRM-OM 08-06-2010 14:08

DRM Log Plotter
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sorry, did not find anything about that by "search":
How can I get rid of the error message in the attachment?

No mention about that in Help file on the Website http://www.omnirep.ch/drm/drmlogplot.html either. Also no readme file within the zip, so no email-adress :(

simone 08-06-2010 14:55

What are the version numbers of Dream and DRMlogplotter?

DRM-OM 08-06-2010 21:52


Originally Posted by simone
What are the version numbers of (...) DRMlogplotter?

The latest from above mentioned homepage:
Ver. 6.3 (975.0.210.86)

The error message appears when I double-click the .exe and it refuses to start up.
What does dream have to do with that?

simone 09-06-2010 09:58

Are you sure you followed the instructions and you run it in the recommended folder?

DRM-OM 09-06-2010 13:01

... sorry, I cannot follow any instructions
since the programme refuses to start up. :confused:


The current version of DRM-Log Plotter is V 3.4LE (Build 951) Rev. 43 (?).
Comments and suggestions are welcome. The e-mail address is included in the Readme File.

no readme file found in the .zip :confused:

simone 09-06-2010 14:02

OK, this should solve your problem:

quote from the readme file:
"2. Create a Directory named c:\drmplot (use this directory name)."

If it complains about missing dll´s, do a search on the web.


DRM-OM 09-06-2010 14:30


Originally Posted by simone
quote from the readme file:

:confused: wonder where you found it ...

But by creating a folder and putting the file inside it at least starts up - and creates a lot of files and subfolders.
I'm just writing new logfiles with dream 1.13 now since the older ones I still have only result in 100%CPU load with no graphs created
(3GHz machine, 2GB RAM, Win2k).

Thanks for help so far.

simone 09-06-2010 14:52


Originally Posted by DRM-OM
I'm just writing new logfiles with dream 1.13 now

Just a remark, version 1.13 is still work in progress and has not been released yet, so please no complaints if some features do not work or crashes (depends on the date you checked out the cvs).


DRM-OM 09-06-2010 15:06


Originally Posted by simone
so please no complaints if some features do not work or crashes

I used 1.7.5 before AND THAT CRASHED typically in nighttime medium wave.


Originally Posted by simone
(depends on the date you checked out the cvs)

Don't know, got that precompiled as I have no possibility to do that on my own.

DRM-OM 09-06-2010 15:39

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Originally Posted by DRM-OM
by creating a folder and putting the file inside it at least starts up

but there is another error ...

DRM-OM 09-06-2010 15:45

2 Attachment(s)
.. and here are the files ...

simone 09-06-2010 16:24

Your files work fine for me, did you set your Rx profile and coordinates, also in the short log put in valid coordinates (for DRMclac too).

Digger 10-06-2010 08:56

Seems I missed something - this thread . . .
Hi all

I just came across this thread today, sorry.

The best solution is to create "C:\Drmplot\" (unfortunately it [still] needs to be in that specific folder). Then put the DRM-Plotter's EXE file there. Then run the programme.

If you already have a folder "C:\DRMPlot" with files in it and you try different versions of the plotter you may get problems because of the length of the file "drmplot.ini". One solution is to delete (or rename) the drmplot.ini and restart the plotter. Another solution is to rename the DRMPlot folder and create a new "C:\DRMPlot" and put the DRM-Plotter's exe file there.

The newest version uses drmplotTER.ini, so no conflicts should happen.

After the installation, an error message could appear: "COMDLG32.OCX (or sometimes MSCOMCTL.OCX) is missing or not properly registered". Look for these on the web. I put them both into my Windows System32 folder. Look for them in the web.

The registration of these files are more or less the same in XP and Vista:

1. Copy COMDLG32.OCX to C:\DRMPlot\ (if not done already).

2. Then do the following. Go to:
Start / All Programs / click "Accessories" / right-click "Command Prompt" / select "run as Administrator".
A DOS-window opens in:


3. Now, write the following directly after the prompt ">":
regsvr32 c:\drmplot\comdlg32.ocx [Enter]

4. An Infobox opens:
DllRegisterServer in C:\DRMPlot\comdlg32.ocx succeeded [OK]"

5. Run DRM-Log Plotter.

A word of caution: Some Dream versions log the RXL (the signal level). These files will crash in the Drm-Log Plotter. Upon request I cand send a version that works with those CSV files.

A "ReadMe.txt" was added to the ZIP this evening (10th June).

DRM-OM 15-06-2010 09:02

This is the result so far:

and when I click "Ok" the programm will close.

DRMcalc works fine for years now.

Don't understand why it does complain about missing tx location since there is this entry in the database:

"711 kHz >>SWR cont.ra"
"Obereisesheim (DEU)"

Furthermore there seems to be no way to bypass internet update when the actual pc does'nt have connection (e.g. in workplace). It keeps bringing up error messages and insists on connection. Perhaps this is part of the problem.

Digger 15-06-2010 09:54


Alternative 1: You could mail me (or attach here renamed as .TXT) your

1. drmtransmittersites.dat
2. drmplotter.ini

and I'll check them for errors here.

With or without an internet connection you will be asked if you want to update the Sites YES or NO; if your'e off-line and press "YES" you would get a message "No internet connection", then just press OK.

Alternative 2: Delete drmplotter.ini and drmtransmittersites.dat and restart the Plotter. Be sure to be on-line when you start up and update the TX Sites. You must re-enter your Nickname, select your Profile and set your Coordinates correctly.

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