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fibber 07-05-2007 15:27

11675 RNZI
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Nice new Freq for this time. 99.95% for 120 minutes!

Alan Johnson 12-05-2007 06:23

12 May log
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Just did a quick check on this frequency before retiring for the evening. Solid copy!

Alan Johnson 24-06-2007 15:41

24 Jun log
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This frequency works very well.

Alan Johnson 25-06-2007 05:05

25 June log
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Nice! Stopped logging to listen to VOA analog on 9575 kHz.

Alan Johnson 09-07-2007 05:28

9 July log
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Very good tonight.

Alan Johnson 14-07-2007 14:55

14 July log
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Fairly good tonight.

f1tay 15-07-2007 00:16

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Reception at Paris QRM by BBC World Service.

Alan Johnson 19-07-2007 04:06

19 Jul attempt/log
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No joy during a brief try at 0305. Better results when I tried again at 0330:)

Ant-SWL 24-07-2007 23:03

RNZI 11675 KHz 24 July 07
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Hi all,
the signal here on S-Meter was 7 to 9. Really good. Unfortunately an AM-Signal on same channel limited the SNR to 16 db. IR looks good ! Good audio, too.
Antenna today was an indoor-longwire.
I try again next time.:cool:

Alan Johnson 20-05-2008 05:21

20 May log
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Their schedule doesn't show that they should be here at this time. Reception was poor (despite good S meter reading and transient SNR's above 20) and the history graph didn't look like my usual Perseus/VAC problems. Is Kuwait still on at this time? - for a split second the display showed "Bengali - Easy Listening Music" and button 3 showed a data service.

Brendan1 20-05-2008 16:59

No Alan, MOI Kuwait is off-air at 0300, and last night they were fairly weak. No wonder I didn't log anything on 13840 last night, I didn't think to look here.

Alan Johnson 21-05-2008 04:22

21 May non-log
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RNZI must be having problems making the schedule change - I got a few seconds of decoding and then the signal disappeared from the Perseus display. I gave up trying after 14 minutes. The station on 11680 (presumed Pyongyang) looks like it could be a problem.

Alan Johnson 21-05-2008 04:59

21 May log
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I gave up too soon. I rechecked and there they were! It appears that the station on 11680 isn't a problem here. The dips on the graph are from turning on the notch filter (tuned to 11680 kHz) at 0327 and turning the notch off at 0834.

Brendan1 21-05-2008 16:41

21 May log
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Once there was a signal to log it was excellent! Looks like there were a couple of dips before it really got going. :o

Alan Johnson 22-05-2008 05:50

22 May log
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A few dips, but very listenable.

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