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jbriggs 17-12-2006 22:59

9730 kHz RTL test
I would be grateful for comments on the following planned for tomorrow, Monday December 18th for 1 day only:

9730 kHz from Austria 1100-1230 UTC.
50 kW DRM
Antenna HR 4/3/0.6
295 degrees (Benelux)

Any comments on audio quality field-strength etc much appreciated. Thanks, James

simone 18-12-2006 13:00

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Hi James,
started quite good, only a weak signal after the first 35 minutes for the rest of the transmission, no problems with mode A, audio quality was OK considering the bitrate.

simone 18-12-2006 13:01

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... also no problems with the MP40 at the beginning.

LX1RE 18-12-2006 14:10

Reception BelRTL Morphy Richards

Reception with Morphy Richards in my home in Luxembourg, Average low fieldstrength, some dropouts, worse after 12:10 UTC with SNR's below 9dB. Rather bad sound quality, audio input level seems to be not correct.


Eugene LX1RE

carknue 18-12-2006 15:25

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Hi James,

same results like Simone. After the first 30 min, no reception was possible again. See graph with fieldstrength. Sound quality was not the best.

simone 18-12-2006 20:08

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Here is a typical example what the audio spectrum looked like and a recording
from music and speech.

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