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mathias_s 09-04-2007 18:49

CVC 17640 kHz from Santiago
Dear all,

Thanks for all reports. I have seen very good results!
As you have noted, we are running on a new frequency, 17640 kHz.

Reports and comments are welcome here as always.

Many thanks


mitajohn 09-04-2007 19:13

Apr. 9
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Hi all,

The propagation conditions tonight helped for an almost excellent result for 60 mins.

Digger 09-04-2007 20:09

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Rather impressing reception here tonight for two hours.

mitajohn 10-04-2007 19:55

Apr. 10
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Hi all,

A very good to nearly excellent result again tonight until the signal lost.

Digger 10-04-2007 20:07

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A bit up and down in the beginning, but from 1830 UT things improved dramatically. The rest was almost perfect here.

mitajohn 11-04-2007 19:56

Apr. 11
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Hi all,

Some starting problems then nearly excellent results until the signal disappeared.

Digger 11-04-2007 20:09

11th April
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The signal was a bit weaker tonight. Thanks for the bit rate change from 20.96 to 17.68 kbps around 1807 UTC. I think 11000 Hz max audio is perfectly enough for the programme. Even that I had signals <S5 at times (usually I cannot get any solid decoded audio with that) the >98 % decoded audio for the whole transmission was very good. Some peculiar (but short) audio dropouts I believe were caused because of the blurred Channel Impulse Response, which became worse later in the transmission.

simone 11-04-2007 20:25

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A short but perfect log of the last 14 minutes. Btw I do not tune in so often, but again today I noticed this frequency offset that I mentioned a few times in the past, seems nothing has changed. Any idea about this problem Mathias?

Sixten 12-04-2007 06:37

11 Apr.
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Hi all.

Propagation from Santiago to Sweden was very bad last days. I have 3 antenna very good for this band. Dipole 10m up ,8m vertical gama tuned just now for 17.6Mhz and inv. V 2x20m and 600 ohms feeder . But very small part of signal can be heard in my QTH. Only last 15min ,play very good for low signal stringth. Now CDA ok from S3 and SNR17db . But from 20,96kbps min. S5 and SNR15db . So I hope propagation came back agin.

Thanks Mathias.

Digger 12-04-2007 20:04

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A very weak start, but then it picked up, just to disappear when it was at its best. Only the carrier was left :confused:

After a long break the DRM signal returned only to disappear too soon again, this time the carrier disappeared as well.

Btw, you could enjoy CVC La Voz in AM a bit up the scale on 17.680 MHz :D

I guess today was not a lucky day...

mitajohn 13-04-2007 19:26

Apr. 13
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Hi all,

Some problems at the beginning then nearly excellent results until the signal disappeared, 19 mins earlier than on my 11th April report.

Digger 13-04-2007 19:49

Friday 13th April
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Not so strong signal in the beginning, but thanks to the 17 kbps quite a lot (>97%) decoded audio. Then between 1814 - 1838 UTC the signal dropped and the decoded audio sank to 85%. Then again between 1842-1916 UTC I recorded >99 % decoded audio. Then due to a TX failure the transmission ended. :eek:

df9rb 13-04-2007 19:57

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some acceptable parts until the TX failed.

Bernd, DF9RB

Digger 16-04-2007 20:05

16th April
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A late start at 1807 UTC, then the signal strength quickly improved. From 1818 UTC until the end it was more or less perfect with 99.5% Decoded Audio. The RF signal peaked S9+5 dB (about +40 dBuV) just before the end of the transmission.

mitajohn 16-04-2007 20:16

Apr. 16
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Hi all,

Weak signal and QRM tonight, so not good results in contradiction with my previous reports.

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