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Digger 30-06-2016 15:38

5925 kHz RRI Tiganesti in Russian
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A short log on a frequency I haven't checked for a while. Just a short log. The transmission was in stereo (sound from both loudspeakers).

mitajohn 17-07-2017 15:45

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Being inside the back lobes I checked this TX for first time. A result at ~95% CDA / 27dB max SNR.

mitajohn 19-07-2017 15:32

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When the path slowly opened I got the attached result. 27.5dB max SNR.

DRM Hdn 10-10-2017 19:25

5925 kHz RRI Tiganesti in Russian
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The todays reception results of the russian service from RRI.
33,02% CDA and SNR max of 20,86dB.

mitajohn 20-10-2017 15:38

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A result at 99.99% CDA / ~29.9 dB max SNR.

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