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fibber 02-08-2019 05:30

DRM android app decoder
Check this out, you hardcore DRM believers!


Post your results!

drmdab 02-08-2019 21:26

Well, works fine with one of these sample files but I doubt this is useful for anybody outside the DXer's world.

Anyway it was nice to see the good old DW DRM lable with Sines text message on my Samsung smartphone just as it really was still on air.

Owdjim 02-08-2019 22:38

Won't install on any of my Android tablets, only on my phone, and I have currently no external mic cable. Also had a quick play with Android emulators on Windows 10 but have only been rewarded with blue screens of death!

Still waiting for a new stable Dream for Windows here.

Cheers, Chris

zfyoung 05-08-2019 03:15

its a shame that to download this app, I have to find ways to circumvent the GFW of China. Since I have no usable VPN at this moment, can anyone give me a usable/meaningful link? Thanks!


Per 06-08-2019 11:34

Installed just fine on my Android 9 phone.
But there is no external mic input. Just Bluetooth...

Aetheradio 08-08-2019 06:59

wont start on Samsung Galaxy a5(2017) on 6.01
Which is a pity since this has a working mic cable input.
reported the crash not that I expect anything to happen
I would rather have a DRM decoder on RPi if that were posssible
Actually I'd rather buy a GR227 - still waiting.......

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