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Owdjim 15-05-2013 05:58

17715 kHz AIR India to E Africa
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I've been seeing this one on a regular basis here in NZ, but never good enough for any decoding.

I see the online DRM schedule seems to have all the AIR broadcasts entered in IST instead of UTC? It shows this transmission at 1000 UTC, but other sources on the net (eg short-wave.info) show this broadcast correctly.

Cheers, Chris

Owdjim 03-05-2014 06:09

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A little bit of signal here on 17715 kHz today - enough to get the id but that's all.

Cheers, Chris

Digger 11-05-2014 10:02

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I saw this one by "mistake" early this morning while looking for something else. Only two minutes in the log.

Owdjim 24-05-2014 06:41

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Logged a few minutes of this AIR transmission today in NZ, between checking on RRI transmissions. No decoding possible though.

73 Chris

F1BJB 07-07-2014 10:39

Weak signal at 04 30 UTC no audio only label as HINDI

Digger 20-11-2014 09:27

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I tried to log 17715 kHz this morning and set the DRM-Plotter to 0315-0530 according to AIR's schedule on their web page. No traces in the log before 05 UTC but after that the signal improved and I got 0.04% decoded audio. Now I wonder, did the transmission really stop at 0530 UTC?

PP5AZF-Ataliba 06-12-2014 14:23

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There were a few moments of audio decoding

PP5AZF-Ataliba 07-12-2014 05:33

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Decoded audio 82.6%

PP5AZF-Ataliba 10-12-2014 05:13

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Vídeo (amostra): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...41210-0230.mp4

PP5AZF-Ataliba 04-01-2015 19:01

AIR DRM 17.715 khz received in Brazil (03.01)
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AIR DRM 17.715 khz received in Brazil (03:01):


Dipole (inverted V) antenna for 7.1 mhz
Distance: 14.741 km - azimuth 75º

Decoded audio: 99,01% (03:48-04:19h UTC). :D

Digger 16-01-2015 06:23

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Today it was labeled Vividh Bharti with 14.12 kbps. I logged it for 76 minutes. No audio and high Doppler.

Digger 22-02-2015 08:46

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In absence of RRI I tried AIR. "HINDI" today and no luck at all.

Digger 23-02-2015 06:11

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It was HINDI today again and the configuration was 4/64 and 20.88 kbps. Result: Of course nothing at all.

PP5AZF-Ataliba 04-03-2015 04:30

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03:27 - 03:33h UTC - decoded audio 99,48% :D

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