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mitajohn 27-10-2013 18:29

RRI 5940 kHz from Tiganesti
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I got this transmission from RRI on 5940 kHz for 53 mins in English. Not very good decoding and only the L channel was listenable but the R was barely be heard.
As mentioned in their program schedule: "As of October 27th 2013 RRI broadcasts on new SW frequencies"

06.30 07.00 UTC 9600 kHz (DRM),
18.00 19.00 UTC 5940 kHz (DRM) and
21.30 22.00 UTC 6030 kHz (DRM)

mitajohn 28-10-2013 19:04

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The signal was strong so I got a very good result.

The overwhelming majority of my posted logs, since years ago, were using Dream1.6.1cvs.
For sometime now I use for testing Dream2.1.
I noticed that the SNR figures are somewhat different between the two Dream releases (seen on the attached plots) especially on estimating the max SNR figures. Dream2.1 seems that it needs more time to get the SNR changing values than Dream1.6.1. This leads to wrong figures by ~2.5dB or more.
Any explanations?

mitajohn 02-11-2013 19:11

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The results were perfect (max SNR >33 dB) until 18:37, then the signal dropped by 20 dBs and decoding problems started.

mitajohn 03-11-2013 18:47

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The results were perfect except of a short TX break down.

mitajohn 04-11-2013 18:37

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After 30 mins of almost perfect results at 18H30 the DRM signal dropped and low SNR affected the decoding.

mitajohn 07-11-2013 18:37

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Mixed results.

mitajohn 08-11-2013 19:19

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Bad results tonight.

mitajohn 10-11-2013 18:06

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A very good result for 58 mins.

Linux-DRM 13-11-2013 18:39

RRI 5940kHz - English to Western Europe
Really strong signal tonight, solid reception from start to finish, average SNR was 24dB.

mitajohn 16-11-2013 18:08

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A perfect result (99.99% CDA) for 29 mins.

mitajohn 18-11-2013 18:11

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A newcomer in this log. Strong co-channel QRM, all time long, destroyed the decoding, very bad results.

PS: I wonder if RRI monitors this website.

mitajohn 20-11-2013 18:10

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No QRM tonight and high SNR (33 dBs) except of that around 18H33 the rf signal dropped by >20 dBs and decoding stopped. This has happened again.

mitajohn 30-11-2013 18:10

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Until 18H26 the results were perfect then decoding problems started.

Sixten 30-11-2013 18:10

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Very strong signal stringth from SNR S9+20db=54dbuV.Log 38min.

mitajohn 01-12-2013 18:06

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A result for 34 mins.

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