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Linux-DRM 15-04-2014 10:09

DRM programme on the BBC World Service
The BBC ran an 8 minute slot on BBC World Business Report about DRM, starts at 18:30 into the programme:

tpreitzel 15-04-2014 10:41

Look closely. The appropriate date is April 14th, I believe.

Actually, it's good to hear a positive and accurate perspective on the current state of digital shortwave. There are many factors currently at work popularizing the return of shortwave and promoters of DRM will reap the benefit.

For example, CDNSE has been one of the few supporters of DRM for years as it slowly matured into a workable standard and was largely unprofitable for manufacturers. For the near future, I will continue to support CDNSE financially because I value their loyalty to the DRM standards.

2014 is maturing into a significantly positive year for digital shortwave, but broadcasters MUST, I repeat, MUST start adopting a MSC of 16 QAM and use of the xHE-AAC codec.

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