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drmdab 25-03-2008 07:47

DR Kalundborg on 0243 kHz
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The longwave transmitter on 243 kHz of the Danish broadcaster DR (Danmarks Radio) is on air again, now in DRM.
They are broadcasting from Kalundborg but even here in the North of Germany I get only a weak signal. Not as strong as it was in AM a year ago.
Nice they have switched on their longwave tx again.

BTW, the QRM which is shown in the spectrum is gone.

drmdab 25-03-2008 10:58

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Just got this:


-----Original Message-----
From: dxld yahoogroups.com [mailto:dxld yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Erik Koie
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 11:38 AM
To: dxld yahoogroups.com
Cc: Stig Hartvig
Subject: Re: [dxld] DRM tests on Kalundborg 243 kHz

The power of the DRM test is currently only 35 watts, but it may be increased to 100 watts. The antenna will soon be shortened, and the test is to compare the signal strength before and after. I have not been able to decode the signal here in Copenhagen. As said, the "program" is a 1 kHz tone and the ID 'DR Denmark'. 73, Erik Koie

And the first log.

drmdab 04-04-2008 19:56

Some more information
Here are some updated and more accurate information.


Public broadcaster to keep 243 kHz longwave.
The longwave towers in Kalundborg will stand for at least five more years, even though regular AM broadcasting on 243 kHz ceased last year. This means that Danish public service broadcaster DR keeps its attractive frequency for digital longwave broadcasts.
A face lift [see photo on mediumwave.info] will remove the top structures that were added to the towers in 1954. This will reduce the wind load significantly and give the masts their original 1927 "slim-line" look back. Only the inner two of the eight top capacitance wires that also feed the secondary tower of the Alexanderson antenna system will be retained.
Calculations and antenna measurements made earlier this year by technical operator Broadcast Service Danmark A/S show the modification will not affect the extremely high relative bandwith of the antenna system needed for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) broadcasts.
The QRP measurement signal was picked up by at least two DX listeners on 25 March 2008, a testament to the efficiency of the antenna system on the "GisselÝre" peninsula. According to calculations, a 1 kW transmitter should be sufficient for covering most of Denmark with DRM test transmissions.
The 300 kW long wave AM transmitter is kept in working order and reaches most of Western Europe, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Southern Greenland.
Source: Radionyt.com and DRMRX.org (4/4-2008)

Source: http://www.mediumwave.info/news.html

Digger 21-04-2008 22:04

21st Apr.
Weak bursts of DRM sighted on this channel this evening around 20:20 UTC. Not enough signal to get a label.

drmdab 03-10-2008 17:48

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They are on air again and as Klaus reported in UKWTV.de's forum, they are using 0,05 kW currently. Maybe they will increase the power in future.

drmdab 04-10-2008 10:30

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Well, I celebrate the 'Day Of Audio' today. :)
Even it is not mentioned in the log, I got some fragments of audio. They are currently broadcasting test tones and "Test Transmission" as text message.

My results would be a lot better if my touchpad would not produce that much QRM... Even disableing that thing in BIOS or using a usual mouse is no help.

Edit: There's the wrong antenna in the log. I used a long-wire and not the Delta-Loop.

drmdab 04-10-2008 12:10

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Log number two.

drmdab 24-10-2008 18:47

The obnoxious 1 kHz test tone was today replaced with the 1931-vintage mechanical longwave pause jingle repeated every 30 s, including peak overload distortion and all. All other parameters remain the same.

drmdab 29-12-2008 11:05


the power of Kalundborg's DRM station 243 kHz was increased to 200 W.

drmdab 03-01-2009 19:43

Kalundborg in 2009
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Due to strong QRM (e.g. touchpad) the reception was not stable but fortunately strong enough to decode some audio of the nice interval signal.


df9rb 12-01-2009 18:14

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thats all I get here in South East Germany......

Bernd, DF9RB

Digger 28-01-2009 22:05

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I'm all chuffed, I sighted Kalundborg here for the first time tonight at 2155 UTC, despite a lot of splatter from one channel below.

Added a log. Not much, but with the omnidirectional antenna, who would have expected otherwise? Some more experimenting is needed. :)

Digger 05-02-2009 09:56

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Another spotting in the midst of a lot splatter from France. The log was supposed to be an overnight log, but Dream and Vista did not agree. :rolleyes:

The calendar read "Friday June 13 17:54:00 2003"; at least it works, the last time it read "Friday June 6 18:11:00 2003". :D

Digger 06-02-2009 07:02

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Dream and Vista decided to be friends this time. :rolleyes:

An overnight check on Kalundborg. A few watts more, and it would be interesting to see the difference in reception.

This evening I'll try the National RF-B60 and try to null out France and see what happens.

Digger 14-02-2009 22:45

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Possible to see. But not much...

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