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FritzWue 22-02-2020 18:54

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DRM was not invented to transmit audio at the lowest AM audio quality level like AIR does. The signal is very strong here, but it sounds worse than wide band AM.

AF4MP 23-02-2020 16:29


Originally Posted by FritzWue
but it sounds worse than wide band AM.

Sounds worse than even narrow band AM!

G4TMV 25-02-2020 17:01

Strong signal here this evening, and just mentioned the address of their new website, which looks fine and has downloadable frequency schedule, but no longer seems to have Listener's Corner or a reception reporting form.


FritzWue 27-02-2020 18:55

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Good rf reception until 19:00 UTC when an AM station started transmission on the same frequency.

FritzWue 01-03-2020 19:33

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Obviously they switch the antenna at 20 UTC, big difference with me:

mitajohn 02-03-2020 19:05

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A result for 120 mins. 97.9% CDA / 27.8 dB max SNR.

After 19:50 co-channel QRM appeared.

mitajohn 05-03-2020 18:22

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A result for 51mins @ 99.8% CDA / 25.7dB max SNR.

FritzWue 06-03-2020 18:32

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The big dropout was caused by overloading the little MSI.SDR without input preselector filters. Switching from the 40m dipole to the 80m band dipole reduced the big signal levels around 5 to 8 MHz and all was OK again.

FritzWue 07-03-2020 19:58

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Todays result:

FritzWue 08-03-2020 18:48

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Decoded Audio: 99.99%, good reception but bad audio:

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