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F1BJB 12-06-2015 22:42


Originally Posted by Digger
@John: That is a utility TX. I have seen it too, but luckily, it is outside the DRM passband.

Same thing here.It is about 10dB weaker
Perfect reception this evening.

mitajohn 12-06-2015 22:47

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@ Terje: That is the utility TX when DRM has gone.

mitajohn 12-06-2015 22:55

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I was checking on 7550 kHz at about 17H50 and the IR was bad, no decoding. Then I turned to RRI 5910 kHz with bad results and after that to VON 15120 kHz with good results. Now I attached the logs of 7550 kHz at about 99.7% CDA for 171 mins.

Digger 13-06-2015 07:12

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I was a bit late and started the log at 1754. The propagation was back to normal from the night before. 95.95% decoded audio during the 275 minutes util the end.

@John: Here is a screenshot of that utility from 7th May taken before 1730 UTC here in Stockholm, but that TX does not stray into the AIR DRM spectrum, so it is no problem here.

Digger 14-06-2015 08:43

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Perfect reception.

mitajohn 14-06-2015 22:44

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~97% CDA for 286 mins with a weak period.

Digger 15-06-2015 07:11

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99.97% decoded audio for 289 minutes with no weak periods.

mitajohn 15-06-2015 19:31

It started with bad IR, no decoding, no log, sometime the signal disappeared and AM took its place.

Digger 15-06-2015 19:35

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Perfect up here until the DRM broke down. A short burst, and then only AM on the frequency. I'll call it a day. 100% CDA until 1823 UTC.

Digger 17-06-2015 06:41

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There were two short TX breaks around 1800 and 1802 UTC and the rest was perfect. The SNR was not so high, average was 19.71 dB

mitajohn 17-06-2015 22:46

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A result at 99.7% CDA and 29.9 dB SNR.

Digger 18-06-2015 06:01

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I switched off early. A perfect log for 159 minutes. The SNR peaked at 1857 UTC with 24.74 dB

Digger 18-06-2015 21:27

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My Log Plotter seems to have a problem with the DRM S/W Radio files :-(
The plotted audio seems to plot half the audio percent, but the 97% decoded audio is correct.

(I'll look into this ASAP)

mitajohn 18-06-2015 23:05

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Only the results between the cursors are almost perfect at 99.93% CDA, the rest was bad. A the log start the IR was bad, turning better slowly and near the end Doppler increased.

mitajohn 19-06-2015 22:46

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Two weak periods, 280 mins log, 99.62% CDA.

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