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carknue 10-01-2006 05:57

RFI 3965 kHz from Issoudun
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Hi Jaques!

Nice signal this morning in Frankfurt ! S9 but good SNR. Better than 3995 at this moment!

sveron 10-01-2006 08:39

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Less good results here closer to the transmitter and later in the day, but maybe due to more local QRM (I had to make the laptop run on batteries only, switch off all the 'energy-saving' lights and other QRM sources in the house to obtain this result).

But very good indeed if it is really low-powered !

73, de Stephane

simone 10-01-2006 16:11

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Salut Jacques,
I never managed to get more than this whenever I tried so far :(
But anyway it´s low power and not our target area, right now it is surprisingly good, S9+10, about 22dB SNR! but low audio bitrate.

GRUSON 10-01-2006 16:17

TDF / Rfi on 3965kHz from Issoudun QRP DRM transmission.
Hi Carsten and Stéphane!

Well done, congratulations guys: first reports with only 1kW (linear transmitter with a 3CX 10000 tube and 31dB SNR) into a special 200 Ohms folded dipole at 0.25 Lambda with a take-off angle of 65° from Issoudun.

Not bad in Germany, not so good in Paris in the day; we were obliged to use 16QAM and 0.5 code rate in order to inprove realibility but Rfi programme is mainly speech and DW on 3995kHz is also using the same parameters...

Stéphane, please listen if possible at different hours of the day (or night!).

Regards / 73.

Jacques Gruson / F6AJW:)

GRUSON 10-01-2006 16:24

TDF / Rfi 3965kHz
Salut Simone,

Sorry, I have just sent my message and I got yours a few seconds after!

Keep on watching our frequency but we are really in QRP (low power) as I have no high power transmitter available for DRM; we have only one rotatable Alliss 2/2/0.3 antenna with a 500kW transmitter running AM only (which is QRO: high power !).




sveron 10-01-2006 16:34

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There was too much QRM during the day, DRM noise barely audible on my Sony ICF SW7600G. I tested reception at the end of the afternoon : not so bad for this power, almost 30% audio.

Some signal dropouts due to some work on my laptop. Between 16:50 and 17:05 computer audio was plugged to my hi-fi system... this caused lower SNR and almost no audio reception.

I will try again during the next days, also during the night, avoiding all other operations on my laptop :-) . After 17:00 UT might also be interesting.

73, de Stephane

simone 10-01-2006 16:41

Thanks Jacques, no problem, so far I never tried this frequency after dark (I guess I was too busy watching the interference from the Croatian DRM station on our MF AM transmission ;)), seems your frequency works quite good at night, here is an example of the impulse response a few minutes ago, will send a report later.

df9rb 10-01-2006 17:13

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not too bad for 1 kW in South East Germany. I think correctly adapted parameters help for quite reliable reception under this conditions. Signal about S8 or 40 µV on my EWE-Antenna. Station on 3955 9+40, on 3975 9+30. At 18:00 Radio Taiwan started with same signal strength in AM. Both neighboring station can be heard now with splatter.

73 Bernd, DF9RB

simone 10-01-2006 17:14

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... and here is my report of the last 45min tonight

carknue 10-01-2006 21:54

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Hi Jacques,

log from this evening 19 to20 UTC. Quite bad results here because of co-channel interference and some very strong signals on 3975 and 3955.

PaulT 10-01-2006 22:29

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Just a little bit of audio at the time of logging then eventually subsumed by noise, but very impressive considering the low power. At the time of monitoring, a clear frequency for my location.

(the log states tx as Juelich??)

Best Regards

Paul T

dk8cb 10-01-2006 23:12

Quite good
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Quite good in Munich.

The impulse response looks quite ok here at 00:12 UTC, see screenshot.
SNR is peaking at 23.5 dB.


dk8cb 10-01-2006 23:58

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the plot looks a bit shaky but the dropouts were of very short duration.
Signal was not strong however but very good considering the relatively low power.


F5NSL 11-01-2006 11:48

3965 - 10jan - 23h15-08h00
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Hi all,
here is my full log from last night from Bordeaux France.
Signal suddenly appeared strong at 7h20 this morning.

Sangean ATS909
External mixer
Dipole 2x10m

F5NSL 11-01-2006 11:49

3965 - 11jan - 08H00-12H10
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And here is this morning's log - unattended.


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