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Digger 11-03-2015 19:41

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88.15% decoded audio during this 119 minutes long log. The SNR was much lower tonight. :confused:

Digger 12-03-2015 19:34

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High SNR and lots of (possible) audio, but someone had forgotten to plug the audio in. The result was 150 minutes of pure silence (not even hum...).

Digger 14-03-2015 19:44

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AIR with a seldom seen 30.13 dB SNR tonight and 97% decoded audio during 136 minutes of logging.

Digger 15-03-2015 20:48

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AIR with a nowadays even more seldom seen max. 30.53 dB SNR tonight and 98.63% decoded audio during this 104 minutes of logging.

mitajohn 20-03-2015 18:41

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A result for 1 hour at 97.5% CDA.

Digger 20-03-2015 20:23

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95% CDA until 2030, then conditions deteriorated. Only 67.5% CDA for the whole log.

Digger 21-03-2015 19:55

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Perfect decoding this evening. With hum. Of course.

Digger 22-03-2015 21:53

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99.5% decoded audio in this 265 minutes long log. :) An unattended log while watching tennis from Indian Wells.

Digger 24-03-2015 08:11

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99.8% decoded audio in this 288 minutes long mostly unattended log.

Digger 24-03-2015 21:43

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Not as good as yesterday, but the result was 93.6% decoded audio

Digger 27-03-2015 21:48

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99.8% decoded audio in this 281 minutes long mostly unattended log.

Digger 28-03-2015 19:19

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It seems like th OTH (over the horizon) radar was operating about 15 kHz up from AIR all the time during this log. Anyway, the OTH ruined everything completely.

Digger 29-03-2015 21:53

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One TX failure around 1852 UTC and then around 2045 the signal got very weak, so I stopped the log after a while. Max. SNR was 28.7 dB.

mitajohn 30-03-2015 20:06

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I was unlucky for a good reception of RRI so I tuned to 9950 kHz and I noticed a lower BR and new label. I got a good result for ~45 mins then it turned bad.

Digger 31-03-2015 08:39

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Thanks John, I wasn't listening until I saw your notice about the new label F M GOLD, so I tuned in for a while. Almost 98% decoded audio. 14 kbps is enough for the kind of audio they transmit. :rolleyes:

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