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F1BJB 25-02-2014 20:40

Very little decoded audio on this transmission.

mitajohn 25-02-2014 22:16

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A result for 100 mins, 98% CDA.

Digger 26-02-2014 06:21

25th Feb.
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AIR GOS IV logged from 2148-2230 UTC. 16.17 dB max. SNR and 2.58% decoded audio.

F1BJB 26-02-2014 18:05

The few short bursts of audio i had today give the impression of a good quality
but with too much compression.
Let us enjoy the big dynamic range of DRM

MARCEL 26-02-2014 19:14

Hello All,

I heve good reception, SNR : 26,8 db maxi :


Voir le Fichier : 01_-__-_DRM_AIR_26214_9950_19H40.mp3

F1BJB 28-02-2014 19:46

Better results and better modulation tonight.

Digger 01-03-2014 02:50

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AIR GOS IV logged from 2133-2230 UTC. 19.45 dB max. SNR and 20.27% decoded audio.

F1BJB 05-03-2014 17:19

Very short pieces of audio decoded from an otherwise strong and stable sighal.
If Europe is the target of this transmission a more robust mode is required

Owdjim 05-03-2014 19:45

9950 kHz in NZ
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My log of 9950 kHz from here in New Zealand. This still provides much better decoding than the "Australia & New Zealand" service on 11620 kHz.

Cheers, Chris

Owdjim 06-03-2014 20:12

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Some very good reception in New Zealand today.

Cheers, Chris

Digger 07-03-2014 06:09

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Hm, not so good in Japan. AIR GOS IV logged for 22 minutes from 2207-2228 UTC. 17.76 dB max. SNR and 12.86% decoded audio.

Digger 08-03-2014 23:57

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I auto-logged AIR GOS IV during the night in Japan for 267 minutes from 1800-2227 UTC. A disappointing result with 18.06 dB max. SNR and 3.98% decoded audio.

Digger 09-03-2014 00:11

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Tried to listen but soon after I started the log someone switched on the TV.

F1BJB 23-03-2014 20:20

Too high bit rate for this otherwise good transmission to be useful here..

Digger 06-04-2014 22:53

25 dB SNR and the modulation (?) level is 35 dB lower than "normal" = full volume and just a faint trace of music. No log.

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