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G4TMV 31-10-2019 15:14

WINB on 13690 kHz for B-19
Hi All,

The WINB signal is audible here again on 13 MHz, this time on 13690 kHz from 1200 to 1700 UTC according to the HFCC lists.

G4TMV 05-11-2019 21:24

It was quite good again today, at least in the early afternoon and I managed to decode quite a bit of audio. I experimented with using a narrower filter and offsetting the frequency higher so it ignored the data side of things, and it did seem to help.

G4TMV 22-11-2019 14:30

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I finally managed to decode some of the MFSK from the Shortwave Radiogram program at 1500 UT today, though it was tricky, as even with an at times 19.0db SNR, the constant drop outs that even the slightest fade cause on a 5 kHz bandwidth are enough to knock the signal out for long enough to miss the RXID codes, so you have to be manually changing the modes at times.

Still, my system of decoding DRM on one sound card and feeding it into the other card for the Fldigi decoder is at least working well, and when the signal is there there it decodes very well, and even the bits in Persian came across okay this time.

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