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F1BJB 05-11-2016 04:54

RRI on 6145 KHz
I found this 05H00 UTC transmission in a unidentified language.
Good 20.96 Kbps signal with a too aggressive audio.
95% audio.
At 06H00 transmission switched to 6040 KHz in French

G0SVN 05-11-2016 06:33

Hi Laurent,

Looking at the HFCC database, at this time and frequency, there is an analogue transmission from Galbeni in Romanian at a azimuth of 285 degrees. I wonder if this was it in DRM rather than AM?

F1BJB 07-11-2016 04:38

Hi Neil
I tried again this morning It is definitely DRM
Language might well be Romanian As they speak quite fast :)

G0SVN 11-11-2016 04:59

9 Nov 2016 : RRI on 6145 kHz from Galbeni
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99% decoded audio during the transmission.

03:00-06:00 UTC Planetary K-index: 0. Local K-index: 0.
06:00-09:00 UTC Planetary K-index: 2. Local K-index: 2.

Planetary A-index: 3. Solar flux: 77. SWPC Sunspot number: No data available.
Sunrise 07:12 UTC.

Looking at the Romanian page of the RRI web site, I see there is a daily DRM transmissions from 05:00 to 06:00 UTC in Romanian.

tpreitzel 21-11-2016 20:46

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A partial log from Nov 20, 2016 ...

tpreitzel 01-12-2016 19:15

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Mainly posted for grins ... I had a bit of spare time on my hands ...

Braccini 23-12-2016 03:47

MER MAX in Brazil: 14 dB, from Galbeni TX1. No decod.

Braccini 06-01-2017 04:37

6 Jan 2016. 9dB MER MAX. 5:20 UTC, no decode. 300 KW from Galbeni TX1. 73!

Digger 15-01-2017 06:08

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Perfect reception in Stockholm.

Digger 18-01-2017 04:56

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Perfect reception again this morning. The SNR is rather poor, even that the CIR was very good.

DRM Hdn 31-01-2017 07:57

31 Jan 2017 RRI on 6145 kHz from Galbeni
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Since the last days is the reception condition very strange at the first 20-30 min of broadcasting the romanian program from galbeni. i have no idea for the reason.
at 05:34UTC goes the reception in normally conditions until the end of transmitting this morning.
weeks before was galbeni hearable from beginning of DRM transmitting.
You can see the reception result in 2 parts. 1: 05:00 - 05:26 UTC | 2: 05:28-05:50 UTC.
Very interesting to see how the gainline increases in picture 2...

tpreitzel 01-02-2017 20:49

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Jan 30th log ...

DRM Hdn 11-02-2017 07:24

11 Feb 2017 RRI on 6145 kHz from Galbeni
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A better reception result this early morning as the days before on this frequency.

DRM Hdn 17-03-2017 08:00

17 Mar 2017 RRI on 6145 kHz from Galbeni
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Good reception result this morning.A transmission interrupt was at the beginning of the romanian broadcast to recognize.

F1BJB 25-03-2017 04:41

I wonder why they use this over clipped audio.
At this early time tuning to their signal is not the best way to wake up all your family.

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