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Sixten 14-04-2008 11:52

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Very bad propagation today and strong splatter from 15335 to 15347 on S9.:eek:

Digger 14-04-2008 13:41

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I tuned over the frequency at 11:40 and noticed that there was a signal. I started logging, and the sad result is enclosed...

simone 14-04-2008 15:34

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Only a weak signal today.

Digger 15-04-2008 20:30

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Today's result... :rolleyes:

Digger 17-04-2008 13:04

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I'm afraid it looks more or less the same today too. Just some fragments of audio.

Sixten 17-04-2008 13:51

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Very bad propagation today. Log is in 2 part for DREAM Krazz for very low signal. In part 2 of log I switch over to 2x10m INV.V last 30min.
But no difference. in signal !!!!! :(

drmdab 19-04-2008 12:27

Frequency change
On 28/04/2008 the frequency will change for HCJB's transmission to Europe:
2000-2200 UTC on 15360 kHz.

Source: DX programme this morning on HCJB

FritzWue 19-04-2008 13:06

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Parts of the transmission were with audio but no sound.
99.7% CDA for 98 minutes is not bad. :)

simone 19-04-2008 15:43

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Again a weak signal today.

FritzWue 20-04-2008 13:17

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99.5% CDA for 114 minutes
MSC was on, but there was no audio from 11:30 to 11:32 UTC and through the entire second/ german hour. Sound reappeared about 30 sconds before the end and switching off.
Everybody on holiday again? :D :cool:
Not sure, but maybe I got a local birdie on 13359.6 kHz, not good for the planned frequency change.

simone 20-04-2008 16:13

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A weak signal and only silence when I tried to listen around 1200- 1230 :(

Sixten 21-04-2008 12:21

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Low signal but propagation give me 20min. in log, very splatter from AM on 15340 Khz.:eek:

FritzWue 21-04-2008 13:11

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Not good today, here also a lot of interference from wide AM signals on the lower side:

simone 27-04-2008 19:01

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Bad results this weekend.

Sixten 28-04-2008 12:20

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Hi all.

Very bad progation extremly low signal stringth below 5uV. from my INV.V 2x10m with 600 ohms feeder. Log is 54min .:eek:

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