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Digger 05-10-2008 21:15

...not here either...

Digger 06-10-2008 18:30

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...unfortunately, no trace of a signal here...

FritzWue 12-10-2008 10:40

I monitored 11625 kHz today. There was absolutely nothing audible and also nothing on the panadapter. I wonder if they are transmitting at all or perhaps use the wrong antenna direction. I can even see RNZI on 6170 kHz in the morning, but really nil nada nothing from HCJB on this frequency! :(

maxpower 09-11-2008 09:07

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Good conditions today.

First time that I got Audio from tis time and frequency. Problems with 11630 khz AM. Report follows later.

Edit: Ok, here is the log file. Not much, but the signal strength was much better than tha graph looks like. Most trouble is the AM @ 11630 khz (China?)


Digger 30-08-2013 08:40


Originally Posted by andenstimme
Dear friends,
by Oct. 1, 2008 we will not use our steerable antenna in Pifo anymore.

The antennas can be seen in the images in GoogleEarth from 2008, but in the latest pictures from 2011 they are gone. :(

HC7AW 30-08-2013 15:17

Digger... Our antennas have all been removed from the Ecuador site and the property has been sold. The steerable antenna was dismantled and sent to the HCJB Australia broadcast site in Kununurra, Australia (north coast of AUS, west of Darwin) and is being reassembled there....

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