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Sixten 02-04-2008 17:47

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Hi all.

Her is my log from 1150UTC to stop. S9 in 66 min. :)

Digger 03-04-2008 14:12

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No luck today either.

Sixten 03-04-2008 15:47

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Hi all.

I made a intressted test of small home made activ antenna ,pickup element !! is 1m . Dream give audio from S1 and SNR 14db OO , DX on 1m ""antenna !!. :) :) Max signal of S7 , from my INV:V dipole 2x10m S9 .

FritzWue 04-04-2008 13:20

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The signal was getting weak to the end:

Sixten 04-04-2008 16:58

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Hi all.

Very good signal today max S9 om my INV.V dipole ,but I listen via my activa antenna . Max S7 . :) :)

Digger 04-04-2008 20:27

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94 minutes long log. 9-4 % CDA. Just isn't possible to get this QRG here at midday.

Digger 06-04-2008 13:57

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Today was even worse than yesterday. Heavy wide splatter from AM on 15.335 MHz and then an extremely distorted 1 kHz tone above the HCJB frequency killing everything. :mad:

Digger 08-04-2008 13:30

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0.65% CDA. Well...

maxpower 08-04-2008 13:51

Not much better in here, too. Dream crashed serveral times, so no log from me. :(

The signal is to weak to compete against this strong AM some khz under 15350 kHz. Apart from that Prop-Window closes and the sunspot numbers are back to zero again.

@Douglas: Time to change back to the morning, please?!?! :)


PS: Was there a schedule change in programming? I got a little bit audio at the end of transmission and heared traditional music!?

maxpower 10-04-2008 13:01

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Hi all!

Hmm, today better than the last days but not suitable for normal listeners. Too many and too long dropouts. So, lets call it „Only for (DRM) Freaks“ (like me ;) )

Asking for a conclusion for transmitting from South America to (Northern-)Europe at noon at low sunspot numbers in winter seasons I would say:

Yes, its possible, but its moredifficult than at the morning hours. This is mostly for two reasons.

First you need a little bit more TX power, probably at least 3 or better 6 dB more than at the morning to get the same coverage. Signal has the same overall reliability (if not even higher), but it has always been lower in signal strength.

Second reason is that the 19m Band is almost full populated here at that time slot even if europe is not target of many shortwave transmissions any more.
(Very strong middle to long range propagation; In my opionion 19m today at noon is like 31m in the morning 15 Years ago).
And some of these Txers get in here very strong, Fritz told some days ago something about 15335 kHz was about 70 dB (!) stronger than HCJB's signal and I made similar experiences (>80dB). So its not easy to find a free frequency which is not desturbed by other stations at its own QRG and it's neigbourhood. 15275 kHz was very good, but 15350 isn't.

Apart from that in my opinion the noon time slot brings some long-time (deep) fading in signal strength (mostly 20 to 30 minutes interval) with it that I didn't remember from last summer season in the 31m Band..

Last not least coverage area is very different to the summer@morning slot. The more northern you get, the stronger signal gets at noon.

Mode A is working very well over long distances with QAM16 and bitrates at about 16.5 kBit even with low Transmitter-Power. Sound is very nice and should be suitable for most listeners (It's truly not HiFi, but quite ok and you quickly get used to it. :) )

And looking a bit more far away to CVC's TX in Chile Mode A in the evening at even higher frequencies (16m) works very nice with 15 kW in summer.season to europe, too.

But -sadly- somewhere in the Dream Software there seems to be a bug which causes easy crashes is signal is low. Yesterday dream crashed serveral times. :-(


Sixten 10-04-2008 13:52

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Hi all.

Today was propagation to Sweden only good for 34min. Log.

Digger 11-04-2008 12:44

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Honestly, I don't know what to say other than a frequency change would be the best solution (for my latitude). And, like maxpower mentioned, there is too much AM splatter in Arabic from 15.335 MHz. 9 MHz in the morning hours seems to be a better choice. (?) My "log" is enclosed.

HC7AW 11-04-2008 15:02

Hi all,

I appreciate your comments on reception and the choice of frequency. We will take another look at the frequency next week. However, we just looked at the bands about recently and according to the software prediction program that we use, 9 MHz in the morning would function even worse than this current transmission. We will take another look though, cause we do want this transmission to be successful.

Do remember though that we are still at the very bottom of the sun spot cycle. In fact, we are still lower than last summer. Arnie Coro from RHC noted in his recent DX program that this sunspot cycle is staying very low for a lot longer than almost everyone predicted. No one is sure exactly what that means for the future of the cycle.

Thanks all and keep the reports coming. Although I don't respond every day, I do check the forum everyday to see how things are going for you.


Sixten 13-04-2008 12:25

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Hi all.

Log today is 56min. 1122 to 1218UTC . Propagtion go very fast down ,first fast fading and so down to noise. Thanks for very nice music.

simone 13-04-2008 15:29

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Results from yesterday and today.

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