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alokesh 06-08-2018 19:49

RTI German DRM specials
Radio Taiwan International German-language special txns in DRM mode from Tamsui, Taiwan:

TEST - 9th of August (Thursday)

Frequency 11990 kHz: 1715-1720 UTC
Frequency 9700 kHz: 1815-1820 UTC

Special Transmissions :

August 26th (Sunday) / DRM
September 09 (Sunday) / DRM

Frequency 11990 kHz: 1700-1800 UTC
Frequency 9700 kHz: 1800-1900 UTC

G4TMV 09-08-2018 17:42

Good signal here on 11990 at 1715 UTC, but the audio sounds a bit distorted.

G4TMV 09-08-2018 17:51

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Audio came on about 40 seconds late and went off 40 seconds late, pity about the audio quality. It will be interesting to see if the 9700 kHz test sounds any better.

DRM Hdn 09-08-2018 18:00

RTI German DRM specials 11990kHz
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not very good to receive, this 5 minutes ..

G4TMV 09-08-2018 18:36

The 9700 kHz carrier has just come on, not as strong as 11990 was, but it will be interesting to see how it sounds when the audio comes on.

G4TMV 09-08-2018 18:39

They seem to be having problems with the audio, very distorted and broken now, I can just about tell that a man is speaking. Pity really as I have 5 green lights and it should be perfect.

G4TMV 09-08-2018 18:45

They sorted out the broken audio problem about 1818, but it was still distorted/overdriven unfortunately. Hopefully they will have fixed the problems by the time the Sunday broadcasts take place.

DRM Hdn 09-08-2018 19:00

RTI German DRM specials 9700kHz
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No audio.... and when then only short and overtuned or distorted! Not a good transmission!!

Owdjim 09-08-2018 22:41

No signal on either frequency here in New Zealand.

73 Chris

Digger 09-08-2018 23:08

My auto-log function stood me up, so no log. Regarding the audio, it has been very distorted in ALL their tests in the past. I have told them several times, but they don't seem to understand (or monitor their transmissions).

MARCEL 10-08-2018 07:27

No chance I have forget for 11990 Khz.

I receive 9700 Khz at 18H17 UTC no good audio to begin my audio, distorted, you can hear :


Voir le Fichier : DRM_RTI_9818_9700_18H18.mp3

AlexDRM 11-08-2018 12:48


Originally Posted by MARCEL

DRM Mode A, 9 kHz wide - on shortwave?!
DRM Mode B, 10 kHz wide, would be more suitable ...

SDC = 4-QAM, MSC = 16-QAM, PL = 0
Good choice! :cool:

MARCEL 11-08-2018 13:36

Hello Alex,

Yes in USB mode is 9 kilo no problem, to AM is 12 kilo no better in this mode.

Digger 12-08-2018 00:43


Originally Posted by AlexDRM
DRM Mode A, 9 kHz wide - on shortwave?!

Well, 9 kHz is a bit odd on short wave but on the other hand, even if it is not recommended, Mode A has been successful in many cases in the past. According to my records RTI has always used Mode A and the (distorted) audio was always up to 5000 Hz (but that was with 10 kHz, not 9 kHz DRM bandwidth). I have reported to Taiwan several times and always been rewarded with a QSL card in the post, but nobody seem to understand that the audio level is far too high which causes severe distortion. Otherwise I agree, the rest of the DRM configuration is a wise decision.

Digger 24-08-2018 07:01

Got this in the mail today:

Die Ausstrahlungen in DRM erfolgen von 17:00 bis 18:00 Uhr UTC auf der Frequenz 11990 kHz

und von 18:00 bis 19:00 Uhr UTC auf der Frequenz 9700 kHz.

Empfangsberichte über die Direktausstrahlungen bestätigt RTI mit einer Sonder-QSL-Karte.

26. August (Sonntag)
09. September (Sonntag)

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Empfangsberichte! Mehr Informationen:
http://german.rti.org.tw/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rti.deutsch

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