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Funkerberg 28-02-2007 22:43

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the result is clearly better than yesterday. The audio quality is strong varying, not good

Owdjim 28-02-2007 22:59

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Hi All

Here is my automated logging of today's test on 9950 kHz from here in Wellington, New Zealand. I am at work during the test times :mad:, so I cannot yet comment on the audio quality.

Cheers, Chris

andy.chance 28-02-2007 23:18

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Signal strength lower overall today. Varying audio level, very low or high and clipped.

simone 01-03-2007 05:14

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Not so bad last night, signal was a bit stronger from 20:30, except the last minutes, audio problems again last night.

aru 01-03-2007 06:01

Hi all,

Good signal in Venice last night with no drops into the audio.
There was a MOT Slideshow channel but empty.


carknue 01-03-2007 22:36

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Conditions were slightly better this evening. Very good reception except a 15 TX break in the middle. Sometime I heard a test tone. Sound quality was better than yesterday. Best results so far.

andy.chance 01-03-2007 22:42

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Better results today.

simone 01-03-2007 22:47

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Good results today, even improved after the brerak, MOT still not working :(

Owdjim 02-03-2007 00:27

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Today's log from Wellington.

Cheers, Chris

Sixten 02-03-2007 06:25

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Hi all..

Very poor propagation today . Befor 1900UTC was AIR strong on AM S9+20db but after 1930UTC fast down to noise.

DRM-OM 02-03-2007 09:48

Good reception of english part
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Hindi had dropouts, english was ok.
Test tone for the first two minutes of the english news.

Comment: After a long time of not listening to DRM anymore because of
1. useless reception of BBC in the evening
2. useless content of DW in the evening
(I belong to the working part of the public)

this is/was a highlight making it worth to modify the receiver.

carknue 02-03-2007 22:41

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A lower signalstrength than yesterday, but perfect results! Again the sound quality was better at the begining and later terrible!

Funkerberg 02-03-2007 23:06

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results today not yet perfectly, however of another QTH

DRM-OM 03-03-2007 07:44

good signal
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but audio could be better

df9rb 03-03-2007 09:18

Feb 2nd
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100 % audio, but partly very bad audio quality. The problem seems to be the digitalisation of analogue recordings.

Bernd, DF9RB

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