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sq9oyp 19-05-2019 22:51

Mysterious signal on 3267kHz
Hello. It's my first post on this forum.

Today, this evening I have found a mysterious DRM signal on 3267kHz. The signal is weak but quite stable. Audio doesn't decode because either the signal is too weak or this broadcast is run by xhe-aac codec, which is not widely avaliable yet.

Here are some screenshots:

First reception was made about 2 hours ago, now (~23:45 cet) the signal is a few dB stronger and dream decodes FDC and SDC instantly. The only piece of information I found on it is this post about similar station: http://www.drmrx.org/forum/showthread.php?t=2822

My location: Kraków (Cracow) / Poland
Receiver: AirSpy HF+
Antenna: Discone (temporarily until I put some proper hf antenna)

I've just posted the same information in polish on fmdx.pl blog.

AF4MP 20-05-2019 02:24

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Using the KiwiSDR TDoA feature, a first pass gives the location of the 3267 kHz transmission as east of Zurich, Switzerland (somewhere within the red circle in the attachment).

This might be another Ampegon test transmission.

AF4MP 20-05-2019 14:17

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I ran the KiwiSDR TDoA again during the more stable day time period and narrowed the location of the 3267 kHz transmission to approximately south of Luzern (somewhere inside the inner red circle) i.e. Lat 46.94 N, Long 08.40 E.

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