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PhilipOneL 01-08-2017 14:54

Run out of memories in the MorphyRichards 27024
[I asked about this before and, except to reset the radio set back to the factory default (that is, to lose *all* the current memories), no one seemed to have a solution. I'm hoping someone has a work-around now . . .]

I have two MorphyRichards 27024 sets and each has reached the limit of its frequency memories. This means that when a new station appears, or an old station adds new frequencies, I can no longer register them in the "Favourites" list. In turn, this means that when I want to hear a new station, I have to do at least some manual tuning. And of course, anyone who has used the MR27024 knows that it is the nearly worst radio for manually tuning! But, worse, I can never set up timed recordings for these new frequencies. (Timed recordings on the MR27024 only work with stations lodged in the frequency memories.)

So, to tune in, say, the new Kuwaiti DRM fqq, 15540 and 13650 kHz, I go to my old Vatican DRM memory (in the upper 19mb) and manually tune down to 15540 kHz. I've never had a memory in the 22mb, but I can jump down to my memory of V Nigeria (on 15120 kHz); I must manually tune thence to the 13650 kHz fq.

All this manual tuning is a hassle, but it also contributes to overuse of that little rotary click-stop button (one of which I completely wore out and had to replace).

I'd like to be able to delete selected memories (and thus open up space for new memories) but cannot see any way in the menus to do that. Of course I *can* drop memories from the "Favourites" list (the "hearted" ones), but that does not allow for new memories to be registered.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


Digger 03-08-2017 08:37

@Philip: I had the same problem and I got the same answer. Perform a factory reset. It is tough, I know.

I still have one DR-111 to many. Any interest? I'm moving house and need to clear out a lot of stuff.

PhilipOneL 04-08-2017 00:26

Ahh, Terje, thanks -- I *am* interested, and tempted, but I have one too many DRM sets now :) and when I go for another, I think it will be one of the new generation ones.

I hope you are able to find a good home for it before you move house.


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