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Per 07-09-2005 20:30

OldieStar Radio 1485 kHz

I noticed that the ID from the station on 1485 kHz is now OldieStar Radio.
Is it the station, Radio 1, that has changed name?

MarkT 08-09-2005 20:38

Hi all,

Managed to get bits of Oldiestar 1485 tonight. It`s a difficult frequency here with BBC local radio and Classic Gold interfering at times. Got a positive I.D though but not strong enough for decoded audio.

dk8cb 08-09-2005 23:14

Sept. 8
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Simply too much interference over here.


FritzWue 09-09-2005 05:36

Probably this one from Oranienburg, in Berlin they are also on DVB-T now:

Andreas 12-11-2005 15:03

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But....label only, no audio decoding and not worth logging either.

df9rb 14-11-2005 16:58

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a few fragments of audio today. 1 st graph DRT1, 2nd TS850 with notch filter to reduce the carrier in the center. With the notch the label was stable during the logging time.

Bernd, DF9RB

FritzWue 14-11-2005 17:16

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....also had a little bit of signal over the weekend:

Funkerberg 19-02-2006 21:00

Oldiestar 1485
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Oldiestar 1485 from 25 km distance with the drb30

tradio99 11-03-2006 17:56

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last night results with Degen TG33 MF Loop

edit: moved from thread SWR 1485 kHz, Simone

FritzWue 11-03-2006 21:12

Hi Vladimir,

that wasn't SouthWestRadio, but OldieStar Radio from Oranienburg near Berlin on the same frequency.

tradio99 12-03-2006 12:09

of course, it was OldieStar Radio! Thank you for report move. I searched forum with 1485 kHz and made a mistake with threads. But I have SWR Sender KLN in the collection also - received 05.10.2003 in Latvia.

FritzWue 12-03-2006 16:05


Originally Posted by tradio99
But I have SWR Sender KLN in the collection also - received 05.10.2003 in Latvia.

Wow! Quite some distance with 400W.

FritzWue 06-06-2006 20:12

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Driving on the A1 south of Hamburg to Bremen.
The audio was very loud and compressed.

DE8MSH 14-07-2006 22:57

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No Audio, and very short but received name:

FritzWue 19-12-2006 17:15

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