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Digger 07-03-2012 11:20

Voice of Nigeria 15120 kHz from Abuja
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A test transmission from Voice Of Nigeria. Low bitrate but fairly good sound when they played music but terrible when they started talking. Riyadh killed the fun just before 12 UTC.

Sixten 07-03-2012 11:32

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Test transmission from VON . Log 57min.

Sixten 07-03-2012 14:41

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More test transmission Log 2h 14min. But very problem for strong AM .

Vet good TX SNR up to 32.5dB ...

drmdab 07-03-2012 15:17

I clicked the checkbox to log the reception, however, DREAM did not write anything usefull for the plotter into the files.
At least it recorded this: SNR min: 3.1, max: 19.7 (I guess the max. was at about 1440 UTC when I stopped the log)

Sixten 08-03-2012 08:35

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Log this morning 51min. Very strong signal ,but very bad audio !!!! BW3kHz:confused:

Digger 08-03-2012 08:53

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My log resembles Sixten's very much in regard to the Doppler values. A few drop-outs might have been due to the use of electric machinery in the house. The transmission ended suddenly at 0920 UTC.

I think that the audio was pretty good despite the low bitrate. The levels were perfect and the vocals sounded rather good even though the audio bandwidth was limited to 3000 Hz.

(Thanks Simone for fixing the headline)

Sixten 08-03-2012 14:58

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More log today. Very strong AM in 1503 log. Last.

Digger 08-03-2012 17:55

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An unattended log from this afternoon. Severe co-channel QRM from a 500 kW AM TX in Saudi-Arabia. By the way, Voice Of Nigeria is not scheduled for this time of the day on 15120 kHz.

Sixten 09-03-2012 10:32

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Very good signal stringth this morning 44dbuV from start down to 28dbuV 1120UTC Log 1h 40min.

Digger 09-03-2012 13:45

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Nearly perfect reception this morning. Nice text message: "Test with THOMSON transmitter TSW2300D. 125 kW, fixed curtain antenna to North. Greeting from Abuja, Nigeria."

Is this only a temporary test, or will they continue until I arrive back in Switzerland around the 25th March? :confused:

@Simone: Thanks, dunno what happened there... Five views down the drain - hihi :o OK, the whole window must be on the desktop... I see...

simone 09-03-2012 17:02

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Not as good over here.
@ Digger: Can you please check your attachment. As far as I know it is only a test transmission for now.


Sixten 12-03-2012 10:42

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Log 3h 19min. Propagation better today on 15Mhz . Signal stringth was S9+20dB in start. And down to S9 in stop time. 1130.UTC

Her is report this morning Bodo.
And picture of 15Mhz band this morning.

Digger 12-03-2012 11:17

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Almost perfect reception except towards the end in this mostly unattended log. I heard the start and listened for an hour or so, then I had to leave. The Doppler was fairly high at times, the SNR dipped suddenly around 0835 UTC but around 0912 it rose again suddenly. Perhaps this was caused by splatter from an adjacent channel. SNR peaked at 24 dB on my Roadstar, which never produces much higher values.

drmdab 12-03-2012 15:39

Just found this on German A-DX mailinglist:

> Bodo, 5N7Q, is in Abuja since last Wednesday, testing everyday on 15120
> and 11770 kHz DRM.
> Official inauguration ceremony on 13 March from 0800 till 1200 UTC with
> special broadcast on 15120 kHz DRM (including Nigerian President speaking
> live around 0930 UTC).

(Harald Kuhl, via DXplorer, forwarded to A-DX by Wolfgang Büschel)

simone 12-03-2012 21:41

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Quite good results in the first 2.5 hours, nothing received on the other frequency today.

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