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Brendan1 11-10-2006 01:05

TDPradio via CBC - 9790 kHz @ 0000-0100 UTC
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First day of this transmission it would appear.

Some quick observations: the SDC text was incorrect, reading "9800 kHz 20:45-23:59 UTC **From Sackville NB, Canada for your listening pleasure,
to North-East USA.** All FAC data was correct. Second, the Parametric stereo was not balanced well, with the right channel rather loud compared to the left channel. I checked my PC settings and they were set correctly, so somewhere the source balance is off. Resetting my balance by about 80/20% Left to Right fixed the sound. Lastly, there was several minutes of dead air at first, no audio was heard.

Nice strong signal. No close interference observed, only very weak analog signals on 9800 and 9780. The observed maximum audio bandwidth was about 13.5 kHz. Several dropouts heard, but only shown on the SNR to Correctly Decoded Frames History. No interference seen on the waveform (like lightning or electrical) I'm not sure what was causing this to happen, nor is the SNR taking any hits. Big SNR hit at 0042Z: looked like some strong, local interference caused that.

Dream crashed at 0044Z; restarted and continued logging. So this log will be in two parts. The second part is showing the wrong frequency: Dream didn't reset when I restarted the log.

0052Z: SDC now says "ww.tdpradio.co. Enjoy"

Tomorrow: I will run DRMSWR as it is more reliable.

AF4MP 11-10-2006 01:09

TDP via Sackville 9790 kHz
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This evening's transmission started very strong S9 +40dB plus, and then something happened and the signal dropped 40db. Was it a solar flare (CME)? :confused:


AF4MP 11-10-2006 01:14

I must have started to post at the same time Brendan did. :)

Moderator please combine posts.

Thank you,


simone 11-10-2006 03:53

Hi Zyg,
seems Brendan was first ;)
Threads merged
Btw nothing could be received on this transmission here in Germany.

Brendan1 12-10-2006 01:06

12 October notes
No log: something went wrong and I have no data to show, so a written observation follows.

Music started right on time, stereo balance issue has been fixed. Logging other DRM broadcasts today has shown ionospheric conditions to be down from yesterday: so far this one looks good. SDC still showing CBC's message with wrong frequency and time.

A second, analog receiver shows 9790 coming at S9+20dB here.

Starting at about 0029Z, a series of very short audio interruptions began. They sound like source problems, not transmitter faults. Signal data doesn't show any drops or interference. Stopped by 0042Z.

SNR was at least 16 to 18 db the entire broadcast. Generally the signal was quite steady, although slightly down in SNR from yesterday.

AF4MP 12-10-2006 01:07

RCI (TDP) reception near Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Same as last night.

The MUF changes just after the start of the transmission. :(

AF4MP 12-10-2006 01:28

RCI (TDP) reception near Atlanta, Georgia, USA (continued)
A screen shot of the Dream desk top at the 15 minute (approx) point of the transmission.

Note that the ID screen still shows 9800 kHz 20:45 - 23:59 UTC...


fibber 13-10-2006 00:56

Wow! Why didn't this "sked" get published...
Just to gripe a bit, but...what the hell! Why wasn't this sked sent out to the North American crowd? Not in DReaM skeds either.

I'm copying now and although the band is not that good, I have some audio. The P-Stereo is screwed up (almost no Left channel at all).
I'll post a log later.

Anyway, I stumbled on the broadcast. Will listen more regularly to see if it remains. Just one more incident of the broadcasters not being on the ball or even communicating with the North American monitors! It is sad, but I fear DRM is doomed over here due to the huge delays and lack of communication, oh yeah NO DAMN DRM RADIOS EITHER :mad:

Based on my frustration, I have started a Yahoo group for DRM in North America:

DRM North America Yahoo Group

A group for discussion of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcasting in North America. Members may be from anywhere around the globe, but discussion should revolve around programming and reception issues of those living in Canada, USA and Mexico.

Join if you like. This group will NOT be for reception reports, more for coordinating efforts.

I think I'll go have another beer and chill to the Trance...

Brendan1 13-10-2006 01:04

13 Oct log
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Chris - this was only just scheduled back on Tuesday. It came up on the schedules when I was updating for the 17810 TDF/RNW broadcast. I found it then, and jumped on it that same day. Not sure why no one "broadcast" it to the NA DRM crowd.

Here are todays' notes:

Nice SNR, came up fast. SDC and FAC both showing CBC info, and wrong info at that. No audio for first 4 minutes, then RCI interval signal popped up. I/s ran for 2 1/2 minutes, then no audio again.

0015:49Z - finally, audio! 0017:53Z: stereo popped up, FAC now shows TDP radio and mono, but balance definitely changed to about 95% right channel, 5% left. FAC completely corrected by 0019:56Z. SDC still wrong for entire broadcast.

AF4MP 13-10-2006 01:14

RCI (TDP) reception near Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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The first 16-17 minutes were really high quality digital silence, with a few minutes of the RCI identification loop in English and French.

Just when the audio finally started the conditions changed just as they have in the last couple of days.

Chris (Fibber): a friend of mine received notification from RCI about the new transmissions - but that was because he sent a reception report directly to them. I agree, RCI could have sent out a more general announcement.

The ID screen still showed 9800 kHz - so it looks like RCI doesn't monitor the output.

fibber 13-10-2006 01:16

I'm just too sensitive I guess
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Thanks for your words and efforts. Here is my first log of this broadcast. Freq shows incorrectly, my fault. I was using HRD and SDRadio so when I saw the DRM waveform, I switched to DReaM and didn't have rig control going. I manually tuned.

CRI English came up on freq after with good signal but not so good audio. Makes me wonder about CBC. Oh well.

lmaes 13-10-2006 13:57

Dear friends in NA,

We do understand the concerns regarding not publicizing more about the TDPradio broadcasts.

As we did not wanted to be promoting something through the forum, we did send a press release to the moderator on Monday evening and a thread was starting from day 1 by the moderator.

If you want to read the press release, then go to the news page at www.tdpradio.com for the full content.

We do want to bring some new original content for DRM to NA and hope that our initiative is appreciated and followed by many others.

Kind regards,


Brendan1 13-10-2006 14:22

Ludo -

Thank you for getting back to us. Having an evening/late afternoon broadcast is a nice change. Most DRM broadcasts for North America are usually during the workday for many of us. I've been able to do a lot of logging while I've been unemployed, but no more: my new job starts today. Any logging I do will be automated, and filed much later when I return home.

By the way, you should seek a refund for nearly 16 minutes of broadast time for todays' broadcast at 0000 UTC: there was no audio from CBC Sackville at all! As Zyg/AF4MP said, it was "really high quality digital silence."

Have to go, thanks again.

fibber 13-10-2006 14:37

Another Thanks!

Us North Americans LOVE another choice on DRM! Thank you! As far as
"not wanted to be promoting something through the forum"... We use DRMRX as our lifeline to what is going on. Unless you have been told NOT to promote broadcasts, we'd really appreciate hearing about tests, broadcasts, etc.

Regarding audio and other things: CBC often goofs with mono or one channel stereo, no audio, wrong text, etc. Perhaps you just have to keep reminding them about what you want and expect.

Regards and don't take my complaints (previous posts) too seriously!

Alan Johnson 14-10-2006 00:29

First attempt 14 Oct
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This was the first day this week that I got home from work early enough to try for this transmission. Analog RCI on 9755 wasn't much better. Then I checked the solar indices and found that the A index was 21! Better luck next week, I hope.

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