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Digger 26-01-2006 07:35

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Hi Carsten,

I get an error message that I have to include the WGS coordinates in Dream.ini like you say above.

This is the original dream.ini:
latitude=47.41435 N
longitude=8.07515 E

Then the modified dream.ini:

Both cause the "Invalid Coordinates" error message in DRMCalc.

My DRMCalc Folder is a folder in the folder DRM, where Dream is. Somehow I cannot locate the problem. Could you help me out?

Best regards,

dk8cb 26-01-2006 09:43

Re: Coordinates

Originally posted by Digger
Both cause the "Invalid Coordinates" error message in DRMCalc.

My DRMCalc Folder is a folder in the folder DRM, where Dream is. Somehow I cannot locate the problem. Could you help me out?

As far as I understand it, DRMcalc now takes the information from Dream's log file. If the Dream.ini contains the coordinates, the logfile will also contain them and DRMcalc can then make use of them. This is the way initially intended for logs from the DRMSW.
A long time ago, Dream could not yet write this data into its logfile, so Carsten solved this problem in such a way that the coordinates could be put into DRMcalc's configuration data. Since Dream can also store the coordinates in the logfile for a long time now, there is no real reason anymore to use that method.


carknue 26-01-2006 19:04

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Hi Terje,

Roland is right. DRMcalc only reads the coordinates from the log file.

I have no problems with coordinates from Dream. I attached the logfile section from my dream.ini to see what format has to be used.

Maybe your Dream version is too old. Please send me a dream log file, so I can check this.

Digger 26-01-2006 21:20

Dream 1.2.4
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Hi Carsten,

Hm, I thought about that also. But the lat and long is in the .ini file. I'm happy with Dream 1.2.4 but I also have 1.3 and 1.5.

The latter spooked on me and shut down during the night ruining my logging on 3.x MHz so I switched back to 1.2.4.

I'll look into it - which version do you use?

Tks and bst regards,

carknue 27-01-2006 17:36

Hi Terje,

this is the wrong format. Please edit your dream.ini again and make sure, that dream is NOT running while you edit it. Otherwise it will be overwritten with the old values if you close Dream after.

Dream does not convert these coordinates. It writes it one to one from dream.ini into the log file.

Sorry, but minimum resolution will stay at 1024x768. I see no chance to make it scalable.

carknue 27-01-2006 17:50

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Because I got more questions about the correct coordinates format in the dream.ini and maybe there could a problem with different ascii codes in different countries, I attached a screenshot with an example how the format of the WGS84 coordinates in degree and minute should look like. Please use W or S if you live in the southern or western hemisphere.
Close Dream before you edit dream.ini!!!

fibber 28-01-2006 04:12

Perhaps it is just me, but I have tried just about everything, and I still get the error. Not sure what to do next!

mitajohn 28-01-2006 12:14

A suggestion (if you haven't already done that): delete dream.ini, run dream, close dream, edit dream.ini, save it, run dream again and close it again, check dream.ini for your entries...
Hope this help.


carknue 25-02-2006 21:49

New version 6.0 Pro
Here it comes, the new version 6.0 Professional of DRMcalc! The new fieldstrength feature is only usable with DRMLogger 3.0 or DRMDisco 3.0 and DRM Software Radio and only a few recivers at the moment.

Changes and new features are:
- read and display fieldstrength from log file
- calculating average fieldstrength
- merging fieldstrength from DRMLogger.log or DRMDisco.log with DRM Software Radio log file
- displaying 2nd service label from 2nd log file
- quick access button to DRM RX forum
- calculating average fieldstrength
- resized main form
- reduced font size for profile text line
- changed some typings
- detection of log files from Winradio improved
- removed download counter for dmtx.txt file
- newest logs are now on top in both record selection listboxes
- cleared 2nd log data, when another 1st record is selected

Free download as usual here:

Digger 26-02-2006 10:02

Good work

Some nice changes, very good. But unfortunately, the remarks I enter can only be deleted all at once. When you for instance enter a third comment and find an error after you pressed "OK", you must delete all entries and write them all over again. Or am I wrong?

Best regards,


carknue 11-03-2006 16:55

New version 6.1
A new version of DRMcalc Professional is ready to download. Changes and new features are:
  • double merging protection
  • merging Dream logs with fieldstrength logs
  • improved max. SNR reading
  • increased merging tolerance to +/- 1 sec
Free download as usual here:

carknue 01-04-2006 09:10

New version 6.2 Pro
A new version of DRMcalc Professional is ready to download. Changes and new features are:
  • fixed merging problems with log files larger than 65k lines
  • fixed rounding errors in merging engine that caused merging failures in some cases
  • added option to delete last remark
  • cross mouse cursor in graphic window
  • windows hourglass while merging
  • windows hourglass while printing
  • windows hourglass while exporting
  • windows hourglass while opening
  • windows hourglass while comparing
  • windows hourglass while capturing
  • delete site location name before selecting a new log record
  • renamed hot link button to DRM Software Radio forum
Free download as usual here:

DRM-OM 12-05-2006 22:01

General question
Can anyone tell me the meaning of
please (also the full wording)

carknue 12-05-2006 22:12

Read the abbreviations section in the readme.txt.

DRM-OM 01-06-2006 22:25

o. k. - user error then :-(

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