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mitajohn 19-10-2005 11:11

Yes ! like that, very nice.


FritzWue 20-10-2005 15:20

Another try:

A bright/white background makes the human iris to contract.

Therefore dark lines on bright background always appear clearer
than bright lines on dark/black background.

simple but true

...perhaps some members better don't want a clear view of their results. :D

Digger 31-10-2005 15:05

Overwrites PNGs

When capturing the same QRG twice on the same day, the previous file is overwritten. Of course there is a workaround but couldn't it be possible to ask for a different filename before overwriting?


carknue 31-10-2005 19:38

Hi Terje,

I added the starttime in filename between Date and username.

But DRMcalc has now a much more difficult problem. How to cchoose the correct site for 5875 khz from Rampsiham and Norway, both labeled with BBCWorldService? :confused:

simone 31-10-2005 20:23

Hi Carsten,
today as a workaround I just edited the drmtx file and use 5875 for KVI and 05875 for RMP until there is a better solution to the problem

Digger 31-10-2005 22:06

Hi Carsten,

As an amateur VB programmer I understand your feeling. The more the merrier.... (?) Arrrgh. ERR 99999

Nah, I'd save the first file for now, and then move into a different folder and then save the new one, re-label it until you find a solution... ;)


PS: Still a bit unhappy with the pitch black background ... sri...

carknue 06-11-2005 12:14

New version 4.1
I just uploaded the brandnew version 4.1 of DRMcalc. Changes and new features are:

- fixed bug in distance calculations for users with south and/or west coordinates
- fixed graphic errors in screen resolutions greater than 96 dpi
- removed colors from labels
- changed application background to white for printing
- added selection box for TX sites on same QRG with same label
- show TX location name in statusbar if possible
- added start time in filename for screenshots and text exports
- added colorized graph legend
- introduced history file
- improved About dialog
- changed some typings
- added site names in drmtx.txt

Free download as usual here:

Bob 06-11-2005 14:03

Hi Carsten,

Great new version thanks. I have found a bug which is so obscure I feel embarrassed to report it ;) .

If Dream logging is enabled/disabled for less than a minute there is no detail record written - only a header/footer. In DRMCalc the window and some stats eg TX distance are then not refreshed, but previous values are still displayed.


carknue 27-11-2005 19:15

New version 5.0 Power Edition
I just uploaded the brand new version 5.0 of DRMcalc. It is the power edition for power loggers;)

Changes and new features are:
- 10 user profiles for quick change of topic line with e.g. different RX and antenna configurations
- up to 100 remarks could be inserted into the graph with a left mouse click while pressing the ctrl key
- fixed bug displaying wrong TX site if choosen by label
- show message if log file contains no data
- removed "Compare different days" checkbox, job is done now by DRMcalc itself
- increased accuracy of displayed CDA value
- limited displayed CDA value to 100.00%
- small GUI adjustments

Free download as usual here:

Digger 28-11-2005 06:05

Hi Carsten,


But why do the comments remain when you change logs? And how can you read the comments at the very left and right borders of the chart?


carknue 28-11-2005 22:12

Hi Terje,

text out of borders will be no problem anymore in the next version, please see attached screenshot.

If you add a remark, DRMcalc gives you 3 Options. One of them is "Delete all". Or just uncheck the "Show remark" checkbox.

Digger 28-11-2005 23:33

Hi Carsten,

I'm a nit-picker, I know.
But I know, once you start programming there will be NO end.
Thanks for the good work.


carknue 29-11-2005 22:32

New Version 5.1
Hope that this is the last update for this year.

DRMcalc 5.1:
- fixed out of border remarks

Free download as usual here:

carknue 25-01-2006 19:17

New version 5.2
The old comparision engine of DRMcalc had quite a few bugs. So I had to redesign the whole engine. I hope that it will work now correctly in all possible cases. If you still find some mistakes, please send me the two log files.

Important for Dream users: Please make sure that your receivers coordinates are saved in the dream.ini file! I removed the storage of coordinates for Dream in this version. It was more confusing and is not really needed anymore, because Dream is able so save the coordinates since a long time now.

These are all the changes in 5.2:

DRMcalc 5.2:
- total redesign of the comarision engine, because the old one had serveral bugs
- added time of remark in the remark text
- tx site identification improved
- removed the option of displaying the distance in miles instead of km
- detection of log files from Winradio
- removed storage of coordinates for Dream (coordinates are saved in the dream.ini, please put your coordinates there if not done already)
- message for invalid coordinates
- enlarged tx site statusbar window
- enlarged tx site selection window

Free download as usual here:

radiomann 25-01-2006 20:57

Hi Carsten,
as my computer is quite slow could you make it 600 by 800?


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