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Owdjim 21-07-2019 11:59

New transmissions to check for
Hi All

Noticed this in the SWL DX-ing Blog today. I've added these to my online database, but have yet to confirm them. Please start a new thread if you receive any of these transmissions.

Cheers, Chris

KTWR Asia & FEBA Radio India in DRM mode eff.from July 7
Posted: 19 Jul 2019 06:47 AM PDT
GUAM KTWR Asia & FEBA Radio India in DRM mode eff.from July 7:
1026-1056 on 11995 TWR 050 kW / 165 deg to AUS English Tue KTWR
1026-1056 on 11995 TWR 050 kW / 315 deg to EaAs English Wed KTWR
1026-1056 on 11995 TWR 050 kW / 345 deg to EaAs English Thu KTWR
1215-1245 on 11580 TRM 100 kW / 285 deg to SoAs English Mon FEBA

Owdjim 24-07-2019 05:52

Looks like the previous blog post was a bit premature. I've just received this from Mike.

Cheers, Chris

Hi Everyone,
KTWR is about to start regular DRM broadcasts to four different areas. We will do one day per week to each of four areas starting 5 August 2019. We will be working with the content server parameters to come up with the best compromise settings for each area. Each week will have different settings. We would really appreciate your feedback for as many weeks as possible. Your assistance will ultimately help give your fellow listeners the best possible reception in the long run. For now, all programs will be in English.
The schedule will be as follows, starting the week of 5 August through the end of the A19 broadcast season:

Day Freq Time Region Power
Monday 11580kHz 1215-1245UTC South Asia 90kW
Tuesday 11995kHz 1026-1056UTC ANZ/South Pacific 50kW
Wednesday 11995kHz 1026-1056UTC China 50kW
Thursday 11995kHz 1026-1056UTC Japan/Korea 50kW

We hope you enjoy the broadcasts.
73 de NH2MS

Braccini 24-07-2019 16:15

Amazing signal at the Special Christmas 2018 Broadcast in South of Brazil: https://youtu.be/Wemz6yJDiPY

Digger 05-08-2019 02:31

How about publish those two frequencies in *one* thread like for example: 'KTWR DRM A19' instead of cluttering up with four different threads? Suggestions?

MARCEL 05-08-2019 12:19

12H18 UTC no signal of 11580 Khz !!!!

zfyoung 05-08-2019 12:29

via kiwiSDR in HeBei Prov. central China
2 Attachment(s)
Not bad, consider the target zone is South Asia!
SNR peak at 24dB.

Digger 05-08-2019 12:45

Very good in Japan. I'll post my log later in this post tomorrow. The transmission started around 1218 UTC.

Edit: As Chris started a new thread, I posted my log there (KTWR 11580 kHz to South Asia).

MARCEL 05-08-2019 13:26


You have chance, to in France no signal:mad: :mad:

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